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  1. July 27th 2016 Blitz day 24

    Today was a planned P3 day as dineout with the girls from my club at my favourite restaurant. It was great to have something to look forward to after a very windy, wet and cold day.

    B - muesli with almond milk
    L - Moroccan baked eggs (in tomato sauce with spicy sausages). Came with ciabata bread and I couldn't resist using half of it to sop up the delicious sauce.
    D - crispy skinned pork belly with cauli puré and broccolini. Tiramasu. Feeling extremely full and happy. ...
  2. Starting to feel a little better - glimmer of light...

    So as i mentioned yesterday, am starting to get people comment that I'm looking 'well' and my weight is very slowly ticking down. i'm not hungry, my appetite is small and i'm not craving anything. I'm definitely P3 from a harcombe point of view, but it's all real food. Clearly the intolerance issue is enough that it's making the difference for me to start losing. If i stop losing before i'm happy, i will start to be a bit stricter about mixing etc.

    B 'smoothie' of strawberries, frozen ...
  3. July 26th 2016 Blitz day 23

    Slight deviation into P3 with 1/4 avocado with my lunch but stuck to P2 apart from that. Had some cheese in my brekkie omelette so fingers crossed for no adverse reaction. Weather continues revolting with high winds straight from the south pole so felt a lot colder than the thermometer. In less than two weeks I'll be in the sunshine wearing summer clothes - bliss

    B - open faced omelette with semi dried toms, mushrooms, spinach and mozarella. Green tea.
    L - Morrocan chicken, ...
  4. July 24th and 25th 2016 blitz day 21 & 22

    Sunday was not a great day for food choices, due to sheer laziness and not being bothered to cook. So enough said about that.

    Today has been much better all round. Today the weather's been windy and cold and at 5PM rain, thunderstorms and very high winds. Seriously glad I'm home for the night.

    Today food
    B - muesli with strawberries and almond milk.
    L eaten out beautiful roast lamb, I couldn't have cooked it better myself, steamed courgettes.
  5. Dreadful few days - not about thd!

    So diet wise all good, up and down a pound or two, but have had a wedding and lots of alcohol to contend with!

    However, at my sisters wedding we had a dreadful experience. We all went to the Lake District, and all stayed in a lovely house. We had our motor home outside and everyone else stayed in the house. I took my lovely little dog, and my nephew had his two dogs. One was a little Yorker and the other one was a big staffie. When we arrived he said that his staffie didn't really ...
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