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  1. Day 1 - Year 2 THD

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    Yesterday was my first anniversary as a Harcomber and I'm delighted to say that I am still enjoying all the lovely food and still maintaining a decent (for me) weight loss of around 2 stones. I tend to vary between 9st 7lbs and 9st 9lbs and at 5'6 am happy with the way I look and feel. OH also eats THD and has lost the same amount of weight and usually weighs 12 st to 12st 2lb on our Friday morning weigh in. Phase 2 eating is our mainstay but we know we can have a few cheats here and there without
  2. Day three Phase I

    Well it is the end of day 3 of Phase I Food today has been;

    Bacon, Eggs, tomatoes for breakfast
    NLY for lunch
    Venison Ragu with roast parsnips and carrotts and steamed spring greens for dinner

    I have spend this afternoon cooking and have rustled up: a batch of speedy Mayo, some fresh coleslaw, a frittata with all my left over veg, some liver and onion pate and tonights Ragu.

    3 days in I feel a lot better in myself and my balloon carb face ...
  3. Well Here We Go

    I looked back at some of my old posts from 2012 last night! It made me smile to see how enthusiastic I was about losing weight, feeling healthier and life in general.

    A lot has changed since then, in April 2012 I was riding a friends horse for them when I had a bad accident. Suffice to say i do not actually remember anything apart from the nice man in the air ambulance trying to persuade me to lay still and me refusing and being an utter pain in the arse! I later learnt that this ...
  4. Flappy skin issues!

    Hello - Saturday morning musings!

    I feel physically better than I have done in the last 30 years thanks to THD. Compared to what I used to look like I look amazing - and I am very grateful BUT

    I nip into Next on a regular basis for a general mooch. I have always loved their clothes, they always used to suit me and I spent years in the recent past drooling over what didn't fit me - so these days it usually cheers me up no end to nip in, try things on, and buy a bit ...
  5. Wednesday Musing

    It's a sunny Wednesday in London. I'm wearing a dress I'd forgotten about, I opened a zip cover looking for one dress and this red/black Precis number was in there - feels good.

    Reading the forum about food intolerances, cravings, likes and dislikes I got to musing about when I feel confident enough to go back to REAL FOOD full time. (I'm using meal replacement packs plus 1 small meal each day, temporarily)

    I've never been a sweet tooth, so chocolates, biscuits, cakes, ...
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