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  1. Journey to phase 3 - day 53

    Not such a great day for food.

    B - fried eggs bacon
    L - almond and orange cake, sausage.
    D - beef and veg casserole.

    Drinks water, DCC.

    Exercise pilates class, walking 5,500.
  2. sausages

    I am new on this site, can you tell me if sin free sausages are ok on the harcombe diet phase 1 (Slimming world)
  3. Journey to phase 3 - day 52 P1 D1 again

    B - fried eggs and bacon.
    L - curried kangaroo, mashed cauli with butter, brocolli
    D - pumkin soup, chicken mayo (P1) salad

    Drinks water, green tea, DCC.

    Walking 4,500 and it's cold and raining so may do some more later but then again. ......
  4. Journey to phase 3 - day 51

    4.4 kgs on in a week due to lack of diuretics. Oh well soon come off now I'm back on them. Took 13 instead of 2 der.......

    B - scrambled egg, tomato, bacon
    Rest of day wipe out move on to tomorrow.

    Drinks DCC water

    Walking 6,500 felt too dizzy to do more.
  5. Journey to phase 3 - day 50

    Not weighing - don't want another sod it episode.

    B - fried eggs, bacon, bubble and squeak.
    L - spanish omlette
    D - shin of beef casserole (even better on day 2), brussel sprouts, bubblle and squeak.

    Still swelling up, see GP tomorrow so hopefully I can get back on diuretics. Never thought I'd be grateful to get back on a prescription drug.
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