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  1. Week 5

    I'm just restarted and I'm on week 5 and doing great.
    I started at 18 stone 12.5 and currently floating around the 17 st 7lbs. I've reintroduced milk, cream and cheese at the moment and thinking of bringing in fruit next, Strawberries.
    My biggest problem with fruit was reflux and I'm reluctant to try fruit as I remember the pain of reflux that I don't want to go through again. Reflux caused my oesophagus to get irritated and cause a chronic cough. I'm a singer in a choir and I wasn't ...
  2. Very Active Head Today

    I miss my Colin today - he's been dead over 8 years, I met Al and we married nearly 2 years ago, good, happy, loving relationship. Today I just miss my beloved Colin, maybe it was thinking deeply about the past, about eating habits, about weight loss - or lack of it. About aging (I just turned 64) - he'll always be a part of my psyche.

    My weightloss journey has stalled completely.

    A) I have discovered that I am VERY carb sensitive, must stay under 20 grams per ...
  3. Days 6 to 10

    I have now completed a further five days on Phase 1, no cheats whatsoever and am a further 1lb down. That's 6lbs in 10 days, happy with that.

    These last few days I have been thinking not about the number on the scale but about my overall health and well being. After the first 5 days I reported that I was feeling better but now I feel worse and am pretty sure this is due to candida.

    Several of the causes that are outlined in Zoe's book relate to me: Weakened immune system, ...
  4. Days 1 to 5

    Well I have completed a successful Phase 1, five days done. No cheats whatsoever, have followed the plan 100%.

    I had a mild headache for a couple of days and a minor craving for hot buttered toast with marmalade but that quickly disappeared.

    I am taking part in "Go Sober for October" and raising some money for Macmillan so not a drop of alcohol has passed my lips and I haven't even missed it or been tempted.

    Portion sizes have been good and controlled, certainly ...
  5. My Journey

    Hi Everyone,

    I have been around on the forum since April 2013 and following the THD principles off and on since then. I have had some success but not as much as I would have liked. Why? Because I have been sloppy, gone back to bad habits & not followed the principles!

    I have therefore upgraded my membership in order that I can start a blog. I have decided to do this for three reasons:
    1: Accountability
    2: I really want to record my progress.
    3: Success ...
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