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  1. September 1st first day of Spring

    It's been a beautiful sunny day to celebrate the first day of Spring. Reached 17 and we had lunch sitting in the sun.

    B - fried egg, bacon, tomato
    L - fried chicken breast stuffed with ham, sundried tomato & spinach with salad.
    D - eaten out at a friend's. Nuts before then Roast chicken, roast potato, broccoli and gravy, followed by apple pie. A definite unplanned excursion into phase 3.

    Drinks water, DCC, GT

    Walking 7,800.
  2. August 31st - last day of winter

    Well up again overnight, not doing too well on findi g my feet in phase 3. Avocados (small) on 2 consecutive days, too much chocolate, not enough fat. I think somewhere between 71 & 73 kgs is my natural weight. Just got to find out. I very much wanted to get to normal BMI but I think that's an unrealistic expectation given my overweight history and oedema in my legs. Added to which there seems to be a growing body of evidence that post menopausal women live longer when mildly overweight. We need ...
  3. August 30th - winter nearly over (on paper)

    Well my dinner guests happily accepted a casserole meal with no mashed potatoes, and masses of other veggies instead, and no dessert. As my friend said, it was nice to taste someone else's cooking. And even if I says it myself, the slow cooked beef casserole was yummy.

    Slightly better weather today so managed to get out of the house, though my good intention of walking into Pakenham was forestalled by a neighbour who offered me a lift, when I was en route. Walked back in weak winter ...
  4. August 29th

    Very lazy day not been out of the house. Had friends round for dinner so haven't had cabin fever.

    B - muesli and almond milk.
    L - salmon and avocado mayo.
    D - beef casserole, peas, carrot, broccoli and cauli
    4 squares 90%

    Drinks not enough water, DCC

    WALKING none. Hoping for nicer weather tomorrow so I cen get out.

    Updated 29th August 2015 at 01:04 PM by roseymary

  5. My latest results

    My cholesterol is down from 6.8 to 4.9 but my HBC1A Test was up to 36 or 6.1 mmol/l from 5 mmol/l last July. I am due have my cholesterol checked again in November. I still put the reduction down to THD as i started doing this eating plan in May so it looking good. I will see the diabetic nurse in a years time. They will do fasting glucose test with all the others they do in November. Not sure who I'll see as the normal nurse retired just after Christmas but I didnt find out until Thursday. ...
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