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  1. Day 1 of my journey to phase 3

    Reasonable day for food.

    B - my version of eggs Florentine, left over silver beet, two eggs double cream. Delicious and kept me going until lunc at 1:30
    L - Antipast plare (raw celery, grren pepper, courgette, cucumber with olives, sun dried tomatoes and stilton)
    D - pot roast brisket, cabbage cooked with bacon, green beans, braised onions and celery.

    drinks DCC, herbal tea, water

    Steps rainy weather reduced no of steps. 6,300
  2. Spot on!

    Over the weekend I had one naughty dessert and two glasses of wine and now I have three great big spots on my nose. It serves me right as I know full well that sugar and alcohol cause my rosacea to flare up.

    The dessert was rice pudding and it was far too sweet but I still ate it because I was paying for it. The wine was not worth a nose to rival Rudolph either.

    I have decided to use my blog from now on so I can record the good, the bad and the ugly. Please feel free ...
  3. Becoming very annoyed with myself!!

    So, from March to September I was as good as gold. I lost 21 lbs and never felt better! Down a dress size (which still left a bit to go), but I was very happy with the way things were going. I had plateaued for around 6 to 8 weeks at that point, but I had accepted that and knew if I just stuck to things this would settle and the rest of the weight would go eventually.

    However, I have no idea why I lost track but I did

    I started to find myself eating things I hadn't ...
  4. New way of thinking

    I was introduced to the HD about 18 months ago, but I did not give myself a proper chance with it, and I found it confusing that I was able to eat quite a lot and not really have to worry, all of what I read in Zoe Harcombe books make sense, but I still struggled with the fact that you can eat quite a lot. when I have been Slimming World Member and a Weight Watchers Member and I would lose weight on there diets, but I would put it all back on and double!

    I work shifts and always use ...
  5. New Year, New Start

    So I have attempted this diet before and felt grumpy, bad tempered and as though it just didn't fit in with my family life.

    However I started again this New Year and couldn't feel more different. I feel happy, in charge of what I'm eating (not obsessing or thinking about what I can / can't have) and feel calm that whilst I have 2 stone to lose it will be achievable whilst following this eating plan. At the moment I haven't got time to exercise other than my bike ride to and from school ...
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