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  1. Just found old WW records

    Whilst searching for a recipe book, which I didn't find, I came across a small bag holding WW stuff. In it was my attendance book after I'd achieved lifetime membership. I got down to 68 kgs and had to maintain this for a month to get lifetime membership, so this would have been in late 2001. On their "maintenance" regime my card shows I slowly climbed back to 82.9 kgs in the ensuing one and half years then I obviously gave up.

    Now I know that provided I keep eating real food that ...
  2. May 24th

    I've decided on a change of title. Life is what it is. Made a poor decision this morning - decided to make some rock cakes for a friend who loves them. Of course I had to try one or two to make sure they were OK. Result within 2 hours stomach feels bloated and on fire. That's wheat - I don't know how long since I've eaten any. I must stop testing my allergic reactions

    B - DCC with coconut cream 2 rock cakes.
    L - omelette with tomatoes, onions, chorizo.
    D - kangaroo ...

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  3. Journey to phase 3 - day 104

    As expected no longer in ketosis. Not sure that it is really aiding weight loss. I'll stick with it until the end of May and on June 1st go back to phase 2, without dairy and lower carb veggies. Weight same as last 2 days.

    B - DCC & coconut cream. Pork crackling.
    L - Thai style beef salad without fried noodles.Fat bombs.
    D - fried smoked belly pork, bubble and squeak, tomato.

    90% chocolate.

    Walking none to speak of - very lazy day ...
  4. Phase 1 day 6

    Suffered all day yesterday with the fake hunger and cravings again - at the minute I'm getting them after every meal whether I have veg or not. Looks like I'm going to have to put up with it until my body learns I'm not going to give it the crappy food it wants. I was due to weigh myself this morning but I started with stomach pains and bloating again last night. I'm so bloated that I can't get my pants to fasten (luckily I'm off work so it's a pyjama day) and my fingers have swelled up so I can't ...
  5. Journey to phase 3 - day 104

    Sort of wandered into phase 3 but not a binge.

    B - DCC Coconut cream 2 fat bombs
    L - smoked salmon salad with mayo and olives.
    D - Italian sausages, fried mushrooms and tomatoes.

    Snack orange and almond cake and I didn't really enjoy it. So no more of that cheat. It well be interesting to see if that stops me being in ketosis.

    Drinks water DCC

    Walking 10,000 made up a little for yesterday.
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