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  1. So far so good

    Well it's the end of day 4 and apart from a headache on Monday, it's been plain sailing. My weightloss has been as follows;

    Day 1 - 206 = start
    Day 2 - 204 = -2
    Day 3 - 203 = -3
    Day 4 - 202 = -5

    I'm amazed at how little I've craved sugar - I thought the first 5 days would be hell! I ate chocolate as if it were going to run out! I will however count my blessing and be glad that it's not been more difficult.

    Still only 2 more sleeps ...
  2. 30th July

    Where has the month gone - it seems to have flashed past. Well stayed the same again, still rather congested after cream and cheese a few days ago. So when that goes I know a few 100g will also go. Hopefully by tomorrow 100g will go do I can say 1 kg off in July.

    Saw the pain specialist today and there seem to be options other than drugs so I have a trial run in 10 days to see if denervation works for me.

    B - bacon tomato and mushrooms
    L - home made tomato soup, ...
  3. July 29th

    Feeling very lethargic today and this afternoon I'm having a strong desire to nibble. Thank goodness there is nothing to nibble on. Haven't had any animal protein yet today, wonder if that's the cause.

    B - muesli with macadamia milk.
    L - butter bean bake.
    D - left over chook, mashed cauli and broccolini, gravy.

    Drinks water, DCC

    Exercise - Pilates, walking only 1,500 so far. Must rug up and get out.
  4. July 28th

    Up .4 kgs as a result of a night time over indulgence in sultanas. Non in the house now.

    B - overslept so breakfast on the go. Rice protein and macadamia milk.
    L - home made baked beans, mushrooms, bacon
    D - roast chicken, roasted carrots, turnip and onions, streamed broccoli gravy. Strawberries.

    Drinks water, GT and DCC.

    Walking only 4000 steps.
  5. July 27th

    Last night I had my last cream for a while and gave away the remaining butter and ghee. three eggs and some Shropshire blue left and then I'll be totally dairy free. I hope the naturopath is correct and I'll start feeling a bit perkier. I should feel as though I'm bursting out of my skin having lost weight and eating well and getting plenty of natural exercise but I always feel a it below par with a fuzzy head.

    I'm puzzling how to have more vegetable protein without mixing as ...
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