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  1. Days 62 to 80

    Weight loss: Nil
    Inch loss: 9.5

    Very interesting that I have not lost any weight but have lost a number of inches. Couldnít quite believe it so had to measure myself twice to be sure. Still going well and definitely no cravings whatsoever which is great. This has been the case now for quite sometime.

    Since I embarked on this re-started journey I have only had one cheat and this was lunch out which was bought as a gift for me and my OH for Christmas last year and ...
  2. Candida :(

    As we know Candida is a yeast, which lives in all of us, and is normally kept under control by our immune system and other bacteria in our body. It usually lives in the digestive system. Candida has no useful purpose. If it stays quiet and in balance, it causes no harm. If Candida multiplies out of control, it can create havoc with our health and well-being.I am still battling with this and doing all I can to get it back down to a controllable level.

    My main symptoms were:
    Craving ...

    Updated 17th December 2014 at 12:11 PM by Bestie

  3. Having a low moment

    Still coffee free (along with a whole list of other things) but still longing to find that 'something' that makes my body join in the promised weight loss. Okay no strange BIG jumps in weight recently a couple of times I've gone up point 2 or 4 and once point 8 but nothing like the 2 or 3 pound leaps I experienced in the first year of THD.

    Just feel cheated that no matter how careful and strict I am sustained and regular weight loss just does not happen for me. I'm active - more ...
  4. Days 11 to 61

    Crikey, what a lot of time has passed since I last blogged. How time flies!
    Still going well here, a whole 61 days has gone and I am still going well. No cheats whatsoever, a weight loss of 12lbs and a total of 7 inches gone. Initially I didnít think that was a lot but when I think about it thatís really not bad at all.

    61 days with:

    NO wheat
    NO Dairy
    NO Alcohol
    NO Caffiene
    NO Eggs

    Have I found it tough going?

  5. Pre Christmas Blitz

    Well, I joined the latest blitz with one thing in mind - to get back on track regarding coffee - I've done that - gone to NO coffee, suffered the headache, felt low and grumpy and came out the other end.

    I did not expect to lose any weight - for some unexplained reason I have sudden gains on the scales a short time after losing anything.

    Happy to see a couple of pounds off again this week, especially after losing last week too. 2 weeks without a sudden jump - woo! ...
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