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  1. Journey to phase 3 - day 79

    Went to the Coffee Club this morning, enjoyed DCC and no temptation. Grey day, not very tempting to walk.

    B - 2 fried eggs, 2 rushers
    L - salmon mayo salad, veg soup.
    D - roast pork chop, cabbage, green beans

    Drinks water, green tea, DCC

    Walking 5,000 so far, if it stays relatively dry I'll do some more.

    Maxe it to 7,800

    Updated Yesterday at 08:14 AM by roseymary

  2. Journey to phase 3 - day 78

    Weighed same as yesterday, which is OK as I had a mixing sugar cheat mid arvo. 73.8 kgs.

    B - 2fried eggs and bacon
    L - steak with garlic butter and salad. 1 square 100% not sure if I'm ready for this
    D - Mediterranean chicken, green beans, veg soup.

    1 bar Moser Roth 85%

    Drink DCC Water

    Walking 7000 steps
  3. Feeling much better but still can't sleep!

    Phew, the drugs finally kicked in yesterday and I now feel (almost) human again. Still feels like I've been booted in the back by a horse but on whole there's a vast improvement.

    Trouble is, it's ten to six, I've been awake since four. And last night I couldn't get to sleep so it was past midnight when I finally dropped off. The night before I must have slept for no more than three hours. What is going on?? I'm supposed to be ill. Right now I feel incredibly tired but I've just ...
  4. Keeping track Day 2

    Up to 156.2 today which was an unpleasant surprise -more than my start weight! Stupidly I have not taken measurements but I do feel like I'm toning up and losing flab, so hopefully the scales are not telling the full story.

    That said, the complete lack of weight loss over the last 8 days means I need to tweak a few things diet wise and see if that helps. No eggs today, and NLY instead of porridge for breakfast. I know that's making two changes at once but I won't reintroduce them ...
  5. Day 5 of P1

    Day 5 of P1, - I've lost 6lbs so far, very encouraging.
    Stats are as follows
    Day1 17 stone 7lbs
    Day 5 17 stone 1lb
    Measurements on day 5
    Bust 122 cm (48")
    Chest 101.5 cm (40")
    Waist 118 cm (46.5")
    Hips 135 cm (53")
    Thighs 65 cm ( 25.5")

    So feeling good, had a bit of a headache the second day,but it didn't last long. I've pretty much stuck to the diet after day 2 (using stuff up is my excuse for some minor cheats the ...
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