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  1. July 1 - day 3 of winter blitz

    Planning in advance worked yesterday so doing the same today.

    B - tomatoes and bacon
    L - morrocan lemon chicken, mashed cauli and brocolli, snow peas
    D - salmon with zucchini cooked in homemade tomato sauce.

    Drinks water m DCC, GT

    Exercise Pilates class, I also aim to do minimum of 9,000 weather permitting. Yesterday I managed 13,651
  2. July Blitz Day 2

    Poor night sleep due to the heat and I woke feeling un refreshed.
    My rings feel tight and my ankles feel swollen, as do my wrist and finger joints - I find the hot weather and/or a lack of sleep will make me ache.

    Breakfast beef cooked with onions and tomatoes - yummy!
    Lunch bacon frittata and green salad from the garden
    Dinner chicken and ham salad with olives, home made sun dried toms and stuff from the garden
    Drinks Water water water, dct, dcc. 1 glass ...
  3. July Blitz Day 1

    I normally blog in my own personal page on my (restricted access) blog

    If you want to read my story you can ask to be added to the reader list by sending me a message with your email address

    But I have decided to document here as well The background to my starting THD can be read on the "Champions" page about me (Sarah Blenkinsop) and also in my on-going "Wow...just wow " thread

    So Day 1 P1 July 2015 Blitz

    B Egg and bacon muffins ...
  4. Gingey's Journey

    B- Bacon and eggs
    L- Tuna and Mangetout (raw)
    T- Chicken breast, bacon and salad

    Exercise - weighted run in sand dunes (27degree heat!)

    I woke up this morning just before my alarm at 6.30am. This is the first time in a very long time that I have slept through the night...7 hours. This is a record for me. Now, this could be down to a number of factors; The effect of Phase 1, being tired from a manic weekend away or the change in weather? Regardless, it ...
  5. so not hungry :)

    I love the fact that I ate a big fat salmon fillet and mountains of green vegetables fried in coconut oil and I have stayed FULL!!!!! I didn't crave anything sweet, a true rarity for me.
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