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  1. August 31st 2016

    P2 plus 90% today. Went to the cafe where they do lovely in house cakes and had a pot of green tea. Whinge coming up - to me a pot of tea is tea in pot hot water on top, not as seems to be the case now, teapot full of water and teabag nestled inside the tea cup, so the tea just doesn't brew as the teabag just floats when dumped in the tea pot. Slowly deleting cafes from my list that do this.

    Weather managed to crawl up to 17 with sun, cloud, wind and rain, not what I'm used to at ...
  2. August 29th and 30th 2016

    Today I can say I'm back on track after a 3 week derailment and a gain of 2.9 kgs. I think I've well and truly proved that I cannot afford to cheat too often and certainly not daily as has been the case recently.

    Yesterday was a carb train wreck and people who say carbs give you energy should have been inside my body yesterday evening when I felt absolutely knackered. Much better today with almost all P2 food and a small amount of P3 in the shape of avocado.

    B - eggs, ...
  3. August 28th 2016

    Final full day of my holiday with beautiful weather and P3 food. It's the end of winter here and the temperature was 22 in Adelaide just lovely. Put on the last remaining clean pair of summer pants (always tight fitting) and was pleased they still fitted OK. My continuos P3 eating mayn't have done too much damage.

    B - egg bacon sausage tomato followed by Danish pastry. Caf coffee.
    L - half pizza and green salad with feta dressing
    D - our end of holiday "gala" meal ...
  4. 24th - 26th August 2016

    Finally back in range of the internet after a fantastic 3 day rail journey. P3 days but not too outrageously off piste.

    Fantastic day on the Ghan. Great food and the first outing to the Katherine Gorge. Very warm 34 so very swollen legs but as we head south cooler weather wi prevail. Went P3 inspite of intending to be P2.
    Breakfast scrambled egg bacon tomato mushroom hash brown toast
    Lunch half serve beef curry popadum peanuts declined dessert.
  5. August 23rd 2016

    Our last day in Darwin and most probably my last post for a few days as once we're on the train and moving internet coverage is pretty ordinary to non existent. The middle of Oz is pretty empty so not many mobile communications towers
    Weather still hot but it'll cool as we head south to winter in 3 days time. Much of today was spent indoors in air conditioned comfort at the art gallery and museum. A place not to be missed in Darwin with an incredible collection of aboriginal art. They ...
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