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Onward and Downward

A new blog to chart my downward weight progress from 1st June 2018.

I would like to shift twenty two pounds of weight in 10 weeks. That is my current target, it might not prove to be the finish line but it's a good step along the way

  1. Four Pounds and Seven Inches

    At the end of Phase One my number crunching reads like this:

    Weight 13st 4lb -4lbs
    BMI 30 -.5
    Body Fat 4st 12lb -4lbs
    BF% 36.6 -1.6
    H2o 46.2% +1.1%

    Bust 43"
    Waist 37"
    Hips 44"
    Thighs 23/23"
    Arms 13/13" -1" of every measurement =7" in total lost

    I'm really happy with my results, and moving on I'm going back to more plant based eating now, so mostly carb meals,with the occasional ...
  2. Phase One - Eating Fish and Eggs

    I started Phase One on Friday 1st June, doing it the sensible way, that's the beauty of doing this for the second time ... learning from your own mistakes

    I had given up alcohol a month before as it had started really not agreeing me, a lot of vegans find this to be the case. I switched to decaf coffee the week before to get the bloody awful headaches out of the way before I changed my eating habits, I'm glad I did they were chronic, but a couple of paracetamol took the edge ...
  3. Back Yet Again

    I'm like a bouncing ball, a great big bouncing ball and I always end up rolling back to Harcombe.

    It served me well once before, way back in May 2012 when I signed up for the first time, almost got me back on track three years ago when I rejoined and now, here I am heavier than ever. My get up and go has got up and gone and I want to start out again a fresher, brighter, slimmer version of the wonderful me I know I can be.

    In general life my mindset in great, brilliant ...

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