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  1. Gilli's Avatar
    Good Luck Healthy Start and don't forget to tick the no substitutes box on the list if you don't want a nasty surprise.
  2. roseymary's Avatar
    That sounds like a good plan for the short term, and hopefully this will set you up for long term sucess.

    I know when I gave up alcohol the only way i could stick to it was total avoidance and with alcohol that's easy, so much harder with food as you have to eat and so it's impossible to avoid.
  3. Gilli's Avatar
    You are winning HS and settling back into Harcombe wonderfully. Hope your busy week does not lead you into sugar temptations.
  4. Lindam's Avatar
    14 days is a real achievement HS xx
  5. roseymary's Avatar
    Well done on 14 days of clean eating. I'm impressed you've list weight even though you've been P3 on many days with avocados, they obviously suit you.
  6. roseymary's Avatar
    Good your energy levels are coming back. When you reintroduce dairy products don't do it all in one go as intolerance to dairy could be lactose, casein or whey. I'm whey intolerant so can't touch yoghurt or milk and can have butter ad lib and cheese and cream less often.
  7. Gilli's Avatar
    Glad you are bouncing back HS. I hope the cow's milk experiment works well for you.
  8. roseymary's Avatar
    A nice well balanced P3 day. If you can lose weight on P3 well done.
  9. roseymary's Avatar
    Well done on declutteting - I can attest to it being very cathartic. And on another level if you hand onto clotges just because you may need them this puts 2 things in your mind.
    1. Proverty mentality or lack mentality - you don't believe things can be more abundant.
    2. Just in case I need bigger stuff - no belief that you can release weigh permanently.
    Whenever I've had a good clear out it's amazing what has come into my life to fill the void, and not necessarily material things.
  10. Gilli's Avatar
    I love that thinking. "people hold on to things because they are either holding on to the past or afraid of the future" That is so inciteful, thank you for sharing it.
  11. roseymary's Avatar
    Perhaps if you try doing a strict P1 for 5 days you might get over your lethargic dreamy feeling. Even though you're not having sugary and carb heavy meals you are still mixing P3 element (avocado). Did you check with your butcher to make sure the faggots didn't have carb fillers such as breadcrumbs?
  12. Alison13's Avatar
    I am a fellow pork fancier and I salivate at the thought of a bit of crispy pig. The idea of liver (minus fava beans and a nice Chianti) is a good one and I shall add that to my pig pantry but I haven't had a faggot for years. Lindam mentioned that pork is quite a sweet meat and wondered if it was a way to seek sweetness? I can relate to your feelings of anxiety as I also used food to calm down and feel excited. I am only a month into the plan and yet at times I feel impatient for change. Yet the biggest change is doing something different. Good to read your blog. Happy porking!
  13. roseymary's Avatar
    Considering you're eating P3 you are doing very well. When I ate avocado I tended stall so very glad it doesn't do that to you.
  14. roseymary's Avatar
    Well done on avoiding choc and cake temptations. Hopefully once you've completed P1 5 days those temptations will be less attractive.
  15. Gilli's Avatar
    You sound as though you are doing well HS. Congratulations on another pound lost.
  16. roseymary's Avatar
    Please put away your blood sugar monitor - it's nit necessary unless you're a diabetic and I believe it's influencing you to eat non THD. Yes you may feel wobbly for a few days when yiu eventually do P1, but that's getting over the 3 conditions which you'll not do if you're drip feeding yourself P3 foods. Zoe recommends 3-4 hours between carb and fat meals.
    Try fried bacon and eggs for breakfast with a tomato, perfect P1 brekkie.
  17. Bronn's Avatar
    Congratulations on losing 2 lbs !
    Just be careful with adding bits in just because they are there, a friend once suggested that all I was doing was pouring things down the drain by pouring them through me first - same result, but one way I put on weight, and one I didnít. The waste not want not brigade have a lot to answer for
  18. roseymary's Avatar
    You know you're in the right place so welcome back. When you accept that this is your way of eating for the rest of your life you'll be totally sucessful.
  19. Gilli's Avatar
    Well done for climbing back on to the wagon. I hope your blood glucose monitor shows you readings which you are happy with and that you lose the weight you had put on quickly.
  20. Gilli's Avatar
    Hi HealthyStart. Welcome back and well done for getting to Day 8, again.

    It is the Candida driving these cravings I expect. You are very wise to take no notice of the importuning voice in your head because you will feel so much better when it has been banished.
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