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  1. roseymary's Avatar
    Garlic prawns are delicious hot or cold.
  2. HealthyStart's Avatar
    Me too otherwise I'm going to run out of foods to eat! Thank goodness for meat and veg
  3. roseymary's Avatar
    I do hope you can find a allergy free way of eating that you enjoy very soon.
  4. HealthyStart's Avatar
    I think it is a cold
  5. roseymary's Avatar
    In a way I hope it is a cold. Best of luck.
  6. roseymary's Avatar
    That's really great news about your leaky gut. All the bedt with your bread cold turkey.
  7. HealthyStart's Avatar
    Oh yes, I'd forgotten about that. I've got a tub in the cupboard. I'll have to add that in too.
  8. Sallywags's Avatar
    Sounds like you are making good progress - i was advised to take L-Glutamine, apparently it's great for the gut.x
  9. Peapod's Avatar
    Following your blog entries..
  10. roseymary's Avatar
    How lovely for you that introducing new foods is working.
  11. Lindam's Avatar
    Blimey, that's a busy day on not a lot of food. Glad it's going well with the eggs though, and good luck on Wednesday!
  12. roseymary's Avatar
    Glad to see you're making progress. Fingers crossed you don't have any adverse side effects from non GAS food.
  13. Peapod's Avatar
    This will be a great learning experience to find out what your body needs and rejects! Love your enthusiasm.
  14. Hoffi coffi's Avatar
    I would never think of poaching liver
  15. Peapod's Avatar
    A good friend of mine is a GAPS Practitioner. Have you thought of working with one rather than going down this road alone? If you'd like some feedback from her, I'm sure she would be very happy to correspond via email and, if you tell her I sent you, AND that you're from England, she'd be positively tickled pink! (as we say here in the USA ). Let me know if you'd like me to PM you her contact info.
  16. HealthyStart's Avatar
    Yes, I had a lot of the meat with the broth. Luckily I don't have to go low fat and low carb as it's only the white carbs, and the high residue carbs, that I'm cutting out. I can have as many carrots etc as I like (and that my stomach is happy with). I think I'm also OK with avocado so that's a nice healthy fat that I'll be adding in as soon as I get to that Phase (not long to go). It's all a big experiment though
  17. roseymary's Avatar
    When you say chicken broth does that include the flesh as well. I think so as you said you'd eaten most of the chicken?

    I hope you can find low fat and low carb a sustainable way of eating.
  18. Hoffi coffi's Avatar
    Interesting I will be watching out for your blogs to see how it goes
  19. HealthyStart's Avatar
    I've been reading some of the threads on here from fellow colitis sufferers and it just looks like you have to work out your own triggers etc. Hopefully the GAPS will sort it out. As one person said in the thread - Colitis is currently incurable, but we know what that means - doctors have decided it's not curable (with medication), but we know that there are other ways than medication
  20. roseymary's Avatar
    You really are between a rock and a hard place. Have you asked ZoŽ if she has any recommendations?
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