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First go at writing a blog in the hope it will help maintain determination to THD!

  1. 22May

    Another good day yesterday so getting back on track. Just thinking about when I will start making progress though, but will try to banish those thoughts.
    Next I have to tackle / come to terms with doing the right thing for me rather than bowing to social pressure , especially when people are ‘ doing things to please’/ trying to be helpful/ done out of love etc as I find these situations the most difficult. My upbringing was most definitely not about thinking of one’s own needs. They were ...
  2. Party Time!

    Sneaky visit to the supermarket this morning to buy all the things I couldn't buy when OH was there!
    He can stay at home to be with the early arrivals!
    The secret is still safe. It used to be easier to do things like this but once OH had to stop driving we both lost our independence as he couldn't go anywhere without me( life in a village with almost no public transport) so it is very rare that I go anywhere on my own these days! It's worse since deciding to give up work.
    The ...
  3. 26 April

    I had sore eyes all day yesterday which was not pleasant. Unfortunately they are feeling much better today. Still managing to maintain P2 without temptation to stray.
    Felt full at dinner time yesterday and so skipped dinner. Lots to do today and tomorrow to be ready for weekend. It's getting tricky as I know I will run out of places to hide things. I can't get some things ready until Saturday either after I mange to send OH out with daughter to ' get the things I've forgotten but need for ...
  4. Day 2 18 April

    I am hoping that this will give me a bit more accountability. Time will tell.
    At the beginning of the week I decided that I would try to do something positive each day. Nothing very startling and mostly just ordinary things!
    Monday's positive activity was walking and a little shopping!
    Tuesday was mowing the lawn which takes a couple of hours and a little weeding. Yesterday also involved cleaning the BBQ in anticipation of a few days of sunshine.
    Had breakfast outside ...
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