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    That really is what is the most frustrating thing Rosey. He knows precisely what he needs to do, he fully understands and appreciates that the change must come from within him. Yet still he seems to find any and all excuses not to follow advice. He is off this morning to Synexus again to be tested for yet another drug trial "in the hope of being able to help others in the future"!!! Telling him that these trials are paid for by the drug companies never seems to deter him, nor does the fact that they keep having to turn him down after tests because "his blood tests are too good"!

    I keep saying that the tests coming back "too good" is no excuse to just go on as if nothing were wrong, it simply means that they won't get the fantastic results from someone like him that they want to achieve with their new "miracle drug".

    He even goes out of his way to tell other people what a fantastic diet THD is because you can have bacon and eggs cooked in butter, steak with the fat still on and pork crackling is even allowed! However, the wine remains on a daily basis and nothing I say (even though he agrees with me) seems to change that either.

    I haven't given up, I won't give up, I just wish he would actually see his own irony! Oh well...
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    Anne that's a tough call when it appears your OH has profound belief that essting normally and popping pills is OK. But he's not even eating normally, I don't think any diabetic dietician preaching old school lof fat high carb would say bags of chips and crisps are normal eating. All you can do it plug away and perhaps emphasise that drugs wont stop kidney failure, blindness, lower limb amputations.
  3. Gilli's Avatar
    Sending you a big Hug Anne. I hope you find somewhere suitable very soon and that business picks up.
  4. Kira2767's Avatar
    Thank you everyone. There is light Linda, it is just that it is still just a pin prick and so far away right now. Rosey, prayers appreciated... we certainly aren't the only self employed tenants, but the rules make it far easier for the landlord to be choosy and there is so much demand for each and every house (half decent one anyway) that comes available, that we are not being chosen for some of them. The cat is still the biggest problem we seem to have. However, the business not doing well these past few months means that we have to be very careful what level of rent we go up to. Should the business not pick up, our savings will be gone soon and then one of us would have to find other work somehow (or both of us). If we go for too high a rent and find ourselves unemployed, we could lose our home altogether or find the rent level too high for DWP payments and then have to find the extra rent ourselves.

    These are indeed uncertain times
  5. roseymary's Avatar
    Anne I just cannot imagi e how you feel. I hope my prayers will help in some small way. And that "something" will turn up. Surely you aren't the onle self employed tenants in Scotland?
  6. Jaki's Avatar
    Hope something turns up for you.
  7. Lindam's Avatar
    Hi Anne, I am so sorry to hear this. I hope you get to see a chink of light at the end of this tunnel soon. All my love, Linda
  8. Kira2767's Avatar
    [QUOTE=Christelle;bt15102]Oh Anne, my heart is breaking for you.
    It doesn't matter how much you "know" about the situation, it is still very hard to work through.[/QUOTE]

    Thanks Christelle. Short update is that there is no real update... FINALLY, they appear to have received the paperwork and they aren't going to argue that it is all in order. My leaving date remains the same, my appointment on 20th April at 2pm remains the same and the likelihood of me being offered a house remains much the same.
  9. Christelle's Avatar
    Oh Anne, my heart is breaking for you.
    It doesn't matter how much you "know" about the situation, it is still very hard to work through.
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    Thanks Rosey. I ate the whole thing at the time because I was so hungry after getting nothing but fruit for breakfast. Trust me, hell will freeze over before I set foot inside a MacD's again. The interesting thing I found was that, in the past the smell of the deep fried food in the main food area of the conference centre would have been welcoming... now I find it utterly repulsive. I spent the weekend feeling quite unwell simply from the smell which permeated through the entire centre. The hot (probably overused) oil was quite pungent and actually did smell rancid to me.
  11. roseymary's Avatar
    Wow a nasty way to learn but a powerful learning. Well done for trying to stick to plan. BTW I sometimes have the Maccas chicken wrap and don't eat the wrap - just us it as a holder.
  12. Kira2767's Avatar
    Thanks guys I always know you are all here, but I just felt I was neglecting others. Will do my best to be around more
  13. Sarah(sjc)'s Avatar
    Welcome back, don't feel bad - this forum can be addictive and time-consuming (in the nicest way)!
  14. Peapod's Avatar
    Welcome back, Kira! We'll always be here for you. Hope you feel better soon xx
  15. roseymary's Avatar
    Kira I've only just found you blog and if it's any comfort the gremlin that attacked you did a side visit to Melbourne. I messed around from October to the end of December fluctuating around 79 - 80kgs. The January Blitz was a godsend making me keep track everyday of as you so aplty said the good, the bad and the plain old ugly.
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    [QUOTE=Sarah(sjc);bt10500]Busy here too, know what it's like! As I said before - we're not only for the good bits here! Sounds like you are getting back to it, and the better you eat, the better you will cope!

    Speedy mayo is fine in Phase 1 if you use lemon juice rather than vinegar, btw[/QUOTE]

    Thank you Sarah, sorry, been away from the forum for a couple of days again.... I haven't tried the mayo with lemon, but it could be an idea for a week or so (we eat it with all our salads now).

    I love that the forum is here for when I feel a bit like I'm not coping. It actually seems to stimulate me more when I am helping others instead of asking for help myself...

    It may take me a lot longer than originally planned to lose the weight, but eating this way certainly helps me a lot with mood swings, stomach upsets, dry skin etc and I do generally stick to it without exception - most of the time!

    I am going to get back to doing knitting and sewing in the evenings as well because this alleviates boredom which is my biggest enemy.
  17. Sarah(sjc)'s Avatar
    Busy here too, know what it's like! As I said before - we're not only for the good bits here! Sounds like you are getting back to it, and the better you eat, the better you will cope!

    Speedy mayo is fine in Phase 1 if you use lemon juice rather than vinegar, btw
  18. Kira2767's Avatar
    Thank you all so much

    I do have my Harcombe head on and meals are very much THD only, it is between meals that I seem to have lost the plot. Never having been someone who eats when upset or stressed (tend to starve myself instead at such times), this is very much a new concept for me and not something I was ever bad for. I don't know what started it because I am a Harcombe preacher now... family and friends would tell you that I am always talking about how much better it is to eat real food and get rid of sugars, bad grains etc etc. I think my chimp went ballistic since just after the end of September and giving in to easy meals, snacks, coffee and wine became all too easy. I have started back on track from yesterday and hope to at least get through a week with no cheats, not quite P1 because I just love the speedy mayo on salads and stuff, but then that is about all I really added other than the occasional meal (no more than once a month) with cheese.

    It is so good to know that people are out there who know what I am going through and have such kind words of encouragement
  19. Lea C's Avatar
    Hi Kira sounds like you're working hard to get back on track and I'm sure that you will. I totally agree with what everybody else has posted above...I do believe that eating well is a combined physical and psychological journey , in particular for those of us who have dieted for years on the classic low fat high carb diets which is why we get caught out still at times, returning to those foods that cause our cravings even when we know deep down they are doing us no good. We have all done it, so I think that speaks volumes in itself..... Wishing you all the best, lea.
  20. FlorenceW's Avatar
    Hi Kira Sorry to read you've been having such a struggle over the last few months. Just take it one day at a time and don't beat yourself up over it. We've all gone off the deep end and slipped backwards but know that THD is forgiving and that we can step back up again. Your closing paragraph indicates that your getting your Harcombe head back on. Stay strong and keep posting. Good luck.
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