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  1. 2nd_Alto's Avatar
    Duolingo is great isn't it Alison. I've been doing French for quite a while now...though I'm not much good sadly. Good to hear you had a good p2 day - but is there any reason why you are finding your breathing more difficult?
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  2. Alison13's Avatar
    Thanks both! I managed a few stinging nettles. I expect they are carb free!
  3. roseymary's Avatar
    Great day and well done on stopping at 2 glasses of red wine.
  4. Bronn's Avatar
    All sounds like a pretty good day so far, fingers crossed for a peaceful evening and a good week ahead
  5. Gilli's Avatar
    Mmmm. That potjie looks delicious. In the navy we used to call it pot-mess when we did all the meat and veg in one pot on expeditions, although your picture looks way more delicious.

    As a group you also look as though you are having a great time.

    I think you were very tolerant going for Pizza, but I can see that it is a bit difficult when they are at your house to say that they have to follow your way of eating, even though it would have been better for your SiL not to have pizza.
  6. celiaj's Avatar
    It's not a rant at all!
  7. grumbleweed's Avatar
    That looks lush colourful.
  8. celiaj's Avatar
    Hope cutting the grass gave you a sense of satisfaction!i find that keeping the garden sorted can be quite relaxing. Our garden is not beautiful and things seem to struggle to grow in it, but it still provides quiet satisfaction when it's tidy, and I love colour!
    Hope you can feel the same way
  9. celiaj's Avatar
    You only ever change if you want to change and sometimes it is much more comfortable to stay where you are!
  10. Ffion's Avatar
    Lovely photos! And I know what I'd have chosen given the choice. It wouldn't have been pizza!
  11. Christelle's Avatar
    And here we are at the stall

  12. Christelle's Avatar
    A picture of OH's pot

  13. Christelle's Avatar
    Sorry, pressed submit while I was ranting.
  14. Sarah(sjc)'s Avatar
    We all know at least one person like that - not that it helps you to know that! Makes you want to shake them till their teeth rattle!
  15. roseymary's Avatar
    Christelle I know how frustrating this sort of thing can be, but you can only lead by your own excellent example.
  16. roseymary's Avatar
    Enjoy your gardening - I have a tiny garden tgat is also going rampant and can't get to it yet.
    It's one of ZoŽ's recommended natural exercises.
  17. roseymary's Avatar
    Sounds a great day apart from the wine making you feel ropey, which was a shame. Well done on the food front.
  18. Gilli's Avatar
    Good Luck Healthy Start and don't forget to tick the no substitutes box on the list if you don't want a nasty surprise.
  19. roseymary's Avatar
    That sounds like a good plan for the short term, and hopefully this will set you up for long term sucess.

    I know when I gave up alcohol the only way i could stick to it was total avoidance and with alcohol that's easy, so much harder with food as you have to eat and so it's impossible to avoid.
  20. Christelle's Avatar
    Well done in sticking to it and not succumbing to the sire call of the sweet stuff. Good luck with your lunch choices today
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