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  1. Christelle's trials and tribulations

    Weigh-in 86.6 NLL - Still believe it to be not sustainable

    Yesterday was a funny day. When I woke up I was feeling much much better and I had enough in me to wash the dos of the walls. She stands against the wall and slides down when she lies down. This means all the walls in my hall is black at about half meter up from the ground. I was feeling pretty energetic by then but this did not last long.

    I had yogurt for breakfast and this went down ok, lunch was chicken bone ...
  2. Christelle's trials and tribulations

    Weigh in: 87.4 NLL - not sustainable

    I was feeling very very ill the whole day yesterday. I don't know of I am coming down with something or if this is all meal related. As per my gut (excuse the pun as this is what was really painful the complete day) it was the food. The reason I am wondering is because the reaction is so severe. It's like the first 5 days of starting THD.

    I will not have this kind of meal soon again although I think OH will want to go back because ...
  3. Test Entry

    Test blog post to see if comments are being counted.
  4. Christelle's trials and tribulations

    Weigh in: 88.4, 0.6kg above LL

    Let's start with the good part of yesterday. I think I might have reacted to the coconut cream. I had a bit of a tummy ache and a bit of a bowel clean out too.

    Then the not so good part of yesterday:

    Wee C is camping with the scouts since Wednesday and will only be back on Sunday. OH decided we should have a date night and wanted Mexican food. We were both quite happy with this until I told him I will have the meatballs. ...
  5. Christelle's journey

    Weigh in: 88.8, 1kg above LL

    I am thinking that I should maybe stop weighing for a while. I was pretty upset this morning with the 0.4kg gain. I do not know where this came from and this after I thought I was really very good yesterday. I do know my body takes a bit of time to start releasing again, normally by day 3 after eating properly, but I would have expected a sts, not a gain. The only thing that comes to mind is the coconut cream I used to make creamed spinach last night. ...
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