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  1. Mat's Avatar
    Ah - I use the NUT package from

    It's a free, open source package. Although I do like MyLocker, I prefer NUT for the ease of adding recipes and labelled foods (Like the mackerel)

    I'm not sure if you can add them to MyLocker, I'll have a look!
  2. Brian.jordan9's Avatar
    Mat, I'm interested that your diary contains a mixture of items easily found in the MyLocker database, eg "50 gm or 1.8 oz TOMATOES,RED,RIPE,RAW,YEAR ROUND AVERAGE " and items such as "88 gm or 3.1 oz MACKEREL,CANNED,TESCO ", which aren't. Are you harvesting the data from the tin in the latter case? If so is it possible to put this information in the MyLocker diary to get the complete picture?
  3. Mat's Avatar
    Nice one GW!
  4. grumbleweed's Avatar
    You can get canned mackerel easily enough...supermarkets, Trader Joe's etc.
    My dad used to have it all the time...I remember this brand.
  5. Mat's Avatar
    Let me know how you get on!

    The mayo is home-made and takes 2 minutes!
  6. smwcbrie's Avatar
    Ok, so that's a lot like my lunch, without the mayo. I've not explored much of P2 beyond heavy cream. If I could behave myself for a moment, I could try more, LOL.

    Next time I'm at the store I'll look for the mackerel. Might be nice to try something different.
  7. Mat's Avatar

    Taste-wise, it is not like tuna. I get this:

    It is deliciously moist and very tasty!

    This is one of my lunches with mackerel:

  8. smwcbrie's Avatar
    Good stuff, Mat. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Do you know if mackerel is at all like canned tuna? I don't even know if I can get canned mack here - but I've been doing tuna for lunches (with raw veggies on mixed greens, so, a salad) lately and find it so satisfying. Definitely holds me until dinner.
  9. Mat's Avatar
    Thanks RM!

    I'm pretty pleased with how it has gone!
  10. roseymary's Avatar
    Well done Mat. Most LCHF people would be happy with those macros.
  11. Mat's Avatar
    It is my target for protein based on my bodymass - Not standard.
  12. Mat's Avatar
    I have been a lot more phase 3 recently before this experiment - I realised that I needed to 'get back on it with seriousness'

    I don't find eating like this difficult in the slightest and I feeling great after almost a week on this.

    It is exactly like ZoŽ says - The extreme LCHF people are eating 'like us' and then chowing down on extra butter - there's no need! You can get decent macros by eating real food. I'm sure that if I really focussed on the fattier cuts of meat (I've had some tuna) then my macros would be firmly in the LCHF rangs as opposed to dabbling around the edge of it from slightly too much protein.

    I'm planning on doing a full write-up tomorrow!

    Thank you so much for the interest in this! It has helped me with doing this blog!
  13. Gilli's Avatar
    Mat you have demonstrated that you can achieve macro ratios of 23:7:70 P:C:F without going to the extreme of adding random butter or other addional fats to your meals on top of the regular serving of mayo or olive oil for dressing or cooking.

    Does this macro ratio reflect your regular dietary regime? If it is a change from what you normally do, how are you feeling after a week on those macro ratios?
  14. Mat's Avatar
    Tell me about it!
  15. Gilli's Avatar
    Not much gets past our HC. Fine attention to detail!!
  16. Mat's Avatar
    Ah - I noticed that after I had posted this and updated the totals but not the menu!

    Good spot!!
  17. Hoffi coffi's Avatar
    I'm guessing that you enter as raw food but you are in fact cooking the liver!
  18. Mat's Avatar
    That is a possibility!
  19. Christelle's Avatar
    Maybe because you have a programmers mind...?
  20. Mat's Avatar
    Nah - Not really - I'll put some screenshots up:

    Main Menu:
                      1  --  Record Meals
                      2  --  Analyze Meals and Food Suggestions
                      3  --  Delete Meals and Set Meals Per Day
                      4  --  View Foods
                      5  --  Add Foods and Modify Serving Sizes
                      6  --  View Nutrients and Rank Foods
                      7  --  Set Personal Options and Log Weight
                      8  --  Plot Daily and Monthly Trends
                      9  --  Record "The Usual"--Customary Meals
                      P  --  Print Menus from Meal Database
    Food entry:
    Meal Date:    20180203
    Meal Number:
    Missing Meals:
    1   2   3
    Select meal 1 for breakfast.
    EGG,WHOLE,COOKED,FRIED                                         Grams     46.00
    Serving:  1 large                                              Ounces     1.62
                                                                   Water     69.47%
    Nutrients in this serving:                                     Refuse     0%
    Calories          90.2 kc  Total Carb         0.4 g   Protein            6.3 g  
    Prot/Carb/Fat     30/2/68  Fiber              0.0 g   Non-Fiber Carb     0.4 g  
    Total Fat          6.8 g   Vitamin A        362.0 IU  Calcium           28.5 mg 
     Sat Fat           2.0 g   Thiamin            0.0 mg  Copper             0.0 mg 
     Mono Fat          2.8 g   Riboflavin         0.2 mg  Iron               0.9 mg 
     Poly Fat          1.5 g   Niacin             0.0 mg  Magnesium          6.0 mg 
      Omega-6          1.4 g   Panto. Acid        0.8 mg  Manganese          0.0 mg 
        LA             1.3 g   Vitamin B6         0.1 mg  Phosphorus        98.9 mg 
        AA             0.1 g   Folate            23.5 mcg Potassium         69.9 mg 
      Omega-3          0.1 g   Vitamin B12        0.4 mcg Selenium          15.2 mcg
        ALA            0.1 g   Vitamin C          0.0 mg  Sodium            95.2 mg 
        EPA            0.0 g   Vitamin D         40.5 IU  Zinc               0.6 mg 
        DHA            0.0 g   Vitamin E          0.9 IU 
    Cholesterol      184.5 mg  Vitamin K1         2.6 mcg Omega-6/3 Balance 90/10
    I just type 2 for the number of eggs and it adds them. - In honesty - I find it easier than My Locker of My Fitness Pal.
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