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  1. Phase 1 finished

    Yesterday was the end of
    Phase 1 and am pleased to report a loss of 5 lbs!!!!
    Have not cheated once but more importantly I haven't craved the sugar,nor felt hungry.
    I hope Phase 2 is equally as successful
  2. Journeying On

    I've been off the forum quite a bit in the last few weeks as we have had family to stay with us for two and a half weeks. I'm delighted to say that the visit did not send me off track even though I was baking bread and cakes for our visitors. I stuck determinedly to Phase 2 and lost over the visit and my husband mixed a little and gained 1lb. We both feel so much better for doing THD and believe we have got rid of so many poor eating habits.

    I joined at the end of April and am ...
  3. Eat and Lose... amazing!

    Today starts my Day 4/phase 1 of THD, and down another 2.2 pounds! That's a total of 5.3 pounds, and I'm now at 181.2. Hooray!! I seriously have never felt like I have been able to eat so much good food, real food, feel satisfied, and still lose weight. I'm very happy!

    I almost wasn't going to weigh myself today, since I ate out last night. But I was smart about it, didn't have the bread or the fried appetizers everyone orders. I didn't even have the strawberry lemonade!! I ...
  4. Lippylou on a mission.

    I was introduced to Zoe Harcombe last Saturday when bemoaning to a friend that I can't help stuffing my face with sweet things. I bought the book Stop counting calories and start losing weight and the recipe book.
    I started Phase 1 yesterday . I weighed in at 12st 3 lbs and want to be 10st 7lb which is a total of 24lbs by my calculations.
    I have been a yoyo dieter since the age of 20 and now am 61 that's a lot of weight lost and even more gained over the years. I have tried every ...
  5. It's all gone to hell in a handbasket!!!

    by , 20th August 2013 at 09:16 PM (Ramblings of a Crazypants Chef's girlfriend.)
    Yes, this is another one of my "crawling back to the forums tail betwixt legs" blog posts. Getting sick of it now, but life keeps tripping me up. Yes that's just an excuse, but there's only so much a gal can take, you know?

    Anyway, things with the pub aren't going all that well - we're still just about holding our heads above water, but the brewery are making moves to do something to the pub that I can't talk about just yet, but it's stressing me out.

    Next, ...
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