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  1. Wanting (not needing) To Eat

    Thinking today about the times (mainly evenings) when the desire to EAT has nothing whatsoever to do with hunger. Is it : -

    Self Destruction?

    I sometimes feel that there are 2 FP's - the one who is happy to do the right thing, smile, be pleasant and helpful, sleep when tired, eat when hungry, etc, etc
    Then there is the OTHER one - who is defiant, (oh yes) touchy, grumpy and sometimes lazy too

    It's ...
  2. Associate eating toast

    I am working with an associate today, we're great friends and it is always a pleasure to do so - BUT - he's made toast and is eating it in the office!

    It's one of those odd things that toast always smells better than it tastes (like hot dogs).

    Sluggish waking again this morning, I know when life isn't being kind, waking to face the day can be a struggle, but now we have some hope that things are not as bad as first thought, I expected to feel brighter. Quite sunny ...
  3. Thoughts, Feelings and Life

    I finally did it, upgraded my membership so that I can BLOG!

    I'm 63, live in SE London, Self Employed, walking and swimming are the only exercise I find acceptable. 5'3" and today weigh 195 pounds. I've not been slim for years, but am guessing that I should be 133-140 pounds

    THD has not been a great success for me, much as I would love it to be, and believe in the premise of eating 'real' food. I take great pleasure in the success stories of others and hope that ...
  4. MY JOURNEY DAY 373 and now only 3 days till Daily Mail Article!

    What a fantastic year its been, and here I am now with only 3 days until the article "The Year Long Diet" comes out in the Daily Mail this Sunday in the YOU magazine.

    Its the culmination of a year of amazing changes.

    On January 2 2013 I started the Harcombe Diet and weighed 19 Stone

    Today 9th January 2014 I am still on Phase 2 of the plan and I am 13 Stone and 11lbs .. a 5 stone 3lb loss in total.

    I am thrilled!!

  5. Been a while....

    Thought I'd write shamelessly copy this from Mark's Daily Apple.

    It was written by Griff - A Senior Member there in June 2011 and is a fantastic reason that it can sometimes be good to ditch the scales!

    ------------------------------- Here it is -------------------------------

    For Newbies: Ditch the scale!
    I have replied in this fashion so many times in the last three weeks that I'm just going to make a general post here. This is aimed at the people ...
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