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  1. Quick hello and an update

    Well life is slightly over insane at the moment - all in a good way but it's pretty relentless at the mo. I'm very happy to have launched my new beauty clinic, but am flat out trying to get rid of the builders and get clients in! As a result for quite a while i allowed myself to eat junk and was almost on the way back up to the weight i was last year. I've not been able to get back down, and was using this as an excuse to not look after myself. With all the stress you would expect that i would lose ...
  2. Just some of my thoughts

    Writing this here because it isn't really a post for anyone to follow, just some of my own thoughts written down so they don't burst my head to pieces...

    So, we are now 4 weeks in to searching for a new home with now only 6 weeks left till we find ourselves literally without a roof over our heads.

    Many things have gone through my mind over these weeks not least that I am glad that my old chappy Zaphod doesn't have to go through this with us. Another move would certainly ...
  3. Day 2 phase 1

    Yesterday I did feel quite hungry throughout the day but I'm trying to keep to the three meals but either I do need a couple of snacks or larger meals
    I did sleep a lot better last night than I have for a long time.
    I think it's due to giving up the alcohol as before I started the Harcombe Dieti could quiet easily after work and during the night while watching tv drink nearly a bottle of red wine to my self , surprisingly I haven't craved alcohol too much only on the odd occasion as ...
  4. 1st day phase 1

    I have 3 stone to lose and after trying so many diets my sister gave me the Harcombe diet book. Last week I practically read it from cover to cover and now I feel I am ready to start my journey into a diet that contradicts every type of diet I have done and failed at previously.
    I must admit I am nervous about starting but last week I gave up the caffeine and alcohol so hopefully I won't have too many side effects as I am a florist / owner of a busy shop in Oxfordshire with lots of weddings ...
  5. PDF on useful carbs and fats

    I just searched for info on types of Fats etc, and several references appeared. One was posting a PDF of useful info about carbs and fats from I think Zoe posted on 2010. It said it was from "the book" - no reference. I clicked on the link but it is not there. Has it been taken down. I would like to read it if poss.
    I have had this happen a couple of times referring to info that is not there.
    Can anybody help please?
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