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  1. celiaj's Avatar
    You are doing really well!
    I also have about 4 stones to lose
  2. 2nd_Alto's Avatar
    Hey Alison, you are doing so well! I was just reading about de cluttering and apparently it can help weight loss. I think it helps to clear the mind - and get rid of those clothes that are now too big! When does your son get home?
  3. Alison13's Avatar
    Thanks both xx
  4. roseymary's Avatar
    Perhaps if you try doing a strict P1 for 5 days you might get over your lethargic dreamy feeling. Even though you're not having sugary and carb heavy meals you are still mixing P3 element (avocado). Did you check with your butcher to make sure the faggots didn't have carb fillers such as breadcrumbs?
  5. roseymary's Avatar
    After a month you must be noticing changes in how your clothes are fitting, they never lie.
    Well done on keeping the faith.
  6. Lindam's Avatar
    You're doing really well Alison! Xx
  7. Alison13's Avatar
    I am a fellow pork fancier and I salivate at the thought of a bit of crispy pig. The idea of liver (minus fava beans and a nice Chianti) is a good one and I shall add that to my pig pantry but I haven't had a faggot for years. Lindam mentioned that pork is quite a sweet meat and wondered if it was a way to seek sweetness? I can relate to your feelings of anxiety as I also used food to calm down and feel excited. I am only a month into the plan and yet at times I feel impatient for change. Yet the biggest change is doing something different. Good to read your blog. Happy porking!
  8. Gilli's Avatar
    Great result though MrJDW. I am delighted for you that you have shifted the pounds at last.
  9. celiaj's Avatar
    When I stopped drinking coffee I was really ill for about 5 days and then gradually started to improve. I did stop drinking caffeinated tea at the same time , though. I have never gone back to either as I don't like black tea. Occasionally I do long for a coffee , though and very occasionally will have a cup. It's interesting that it has had such a dramatic effect on your weight loss and is obviously the way forward for you
  10. Sallywags's Avatar
    I agree MrJDW - i definitely lose better without, even decaf. I'm trying to have less of it (hear me - trying to - keywords anyone?!), and i guess it is something we generally have a lot of regularly, which is classic for intolerance isn't it?
  11. roseymary's Avatar
    Sad but good news at tgethe same time for you Mr JDW. Perhaps in a month or so you'll be able to enjoy a coffee as a treat every now and tgen.
  12. MrJDW's Avatar
    Yes Sue - coffee was fully leaded, as is the tea I have switched to (but I still experience physical withdrawal symptoms when switching to tea, so there is something beyond the caffeine in coffee that affects my body).
  13. 2nd_Alto's Avatar
    Very interesting! I don't think we've really considered an intolerance to coffee before have we? Usual suspects - eggs, cheese, lactose etc but who'd've thought - coffee?? This is fully leaded I presume? Is the tea ordinary caffeinated?
  14. roseymary's Avatar
    Considering you're eating P3 you are doing very well. When I ate avocado I tended stall so very glad it doesn't do that to you.
  15. Gilli's Avatar
    Hope the caffeine withdrawal is not too horrible and that the worst is out of the way by the end of Sunday. Having tea instead of coffee should minimise the discomforts and allow a gradual reduction. Do let us know how you are managing.
  16. roseymary's Avatar
    3 lbs down is great news. Fingers crossed caffeine withdrawal isn't too horrendous.
  17. Sallywags's Avatar
    Lol we are the same weight! Guessing you are taller than me though! I'm going to watch this with interest - might cut my coffee down today (I think even decaf doesn't help me when i'm trying to lose weight). I will tell my receptionist to only make me decaf tea today....
  18. roseymary's Avatar
    Well done on avoiding choc and cake temptations. Hopefully once you've completed P1 5 days those temptations will be less attractive.
  19. Gilli's Avatar
    You sound as though you are doing well HS. Congratulations on another pound lost.
  20. celiaj's Avatar
    Yes I agree-just one goal has to be the way forward. I am trying hard to stick to it as well. I think you are doing a fantastic job and are a real inspiration
    . So keep going and enjoy the dancing this weekend!
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