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  1. Denial is not a river in Egypt

    I have completed my first five days. I was not going to do the full detox and was going to sneak coffee into the plan - but decided not to stage a rebellion but to be obedient and trust the Harcombe process. I am often caught between those two polarities on a diet or 'lifestyle change'. Initially obedient but then deciding that I know so much better and then becoming disappointed and returning to my habitual eating. I am moving away from denial and seeing this process of change.

  2. Party Time!

    Sneaky visit to the supermarket this morning to buy all the things I couldn't buy when OH was there!
    He can stay at home to be with the early arrivals!
    The secret is still safe. It used to be easier to do things like this but once OH had to stop driving we both lost our independence as he couldn't go anywhere without me( life in a village with almost no public transport) so it is very rare that I go anywhere on my own these days! It's worse since deciding to give up work.
    The ...
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