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  1. Back to Phase 1!

    I have again embarked on Phase 1 for the 3rd time since I started THD in October. A question I see pop up a lot is "I fell off the wagon, do I have to go back to phase 1?" I always answer no, going back to phase 2 is fine if you do not want to return to phase 1. Phase 1 is only really needed to deal with the 3 medical conditions: Candida, Hypoglycemia and Food Intolerence, so you only ever need to go back to phase 1 if one of these conditions has got out of control again. For me, I am going back ...
  2. Delicious Low carb desert for phase 2 or 3 (fat meal)

    orange chocolate strawberries with orange and ginger cream

    Take a handful of strawberries and cut them into quarters, and pop them in a small dish, Then whip 100mls of double cream and add a pinch of ground ginger and a few drops of orange essence. Then take half a bar 50gms of lindt 85% dark chocolate break it up in to smallish chunks place in a bowl add a few drop of orange essence and melt in the microwave. finally spoon on the whipped cream over the strawberries and pour ...
  3. Salmon and Roasted Veg

    Really quick and very easy to prepare, and the roasted veg can be had with anything or just on their own. Suitable for phase 1 (minus the lemon) and phase 2.

    Serves 2:
    2 salmon fillets
    Lemon slices
    Olive Oil
    Red Onion
    cherry tomatoes
    Olive oil
    Garlic Cloves
    Lemon slices
    Mixed Herbs
    Salt and ...
  4. make your own flavoured sparking water

    I had a good idea today and thought I would share it as often people ask what can they have to drink apart from plain water . Today I brewed a pot of my herbal fruit tea (orange , cinnamon and mango) as normal and let it cool, but then half filled a long glass with the tea and then topped it up with sparkling water and ice, it was really nice tasted just like those flavoured sparkling water you can get, only it was nicer as it did not contain any of the sweeteners. Good thing about it is there ...
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