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  1. Day Nine - feeling fine!

    Despite all the good intentions of blogging I ran out of interesting things to say. All said and done, I wanted to take a moment in this second week to say that I am on track, haven't fallen off the wagon and set on becoming a supermodel (joke).

    First things first, I had a little 'incident' last Thursday which roughly tallies with the last time I blogged. Catching up with an old friend at a hotel bar, three cocktails seem to have appeared miraculously and, unwittingly, I drank them. ...

    Updated 12th January 2016 at 03:14 PM by dcmacdonald

  2. Day 12 - More lessons

    Weight: 9st 1.25lb

    Hmm, so it looks like my body has turned into a fat burning machine as I'm down another 3/4lb today. Now while I'm sure lots of people would be going Whoo Hoo, I'm worried that losing weight this quickly will result in some sort of backlash from my body and I'll end up in some sort of binge. I thought the coconut yoghurt and duck dinner yesterday might have slowed things down a bit but no.

    I also noticed a strange psychological thing yesterday. ...
  3. Day 11 - Slowing things down

    Weight: 9st 2lb

    My body obviously hasn't quite settled yet as I've lost another half a pound so today I'm going to try having a fattier evening meal and see if having duck will slow things down a bit. I'd be happy to get rid of another couple of pounds but I'd rather go a bit slower so it's going to be a bit more experimenting.

    The lowest weight I've been is 8st 10lb a couple of years ago but that was unusual, after that I went back up to 9st 2lb (where I am now) so I'm ...

    Updated 12th January 2016 at 10:58 AM by HealthyStart (Food update)

  4. Day 10 - Another half pound gone

    Weight: 9st 2.5lb

    It's such a relief to be back to a more normal weight. My jeans fit better, my posture is better and I'm feeling a lot more clear headed. I was glad to see another half pound off this morning as I've has some slow days. I'm now having to think about how to go forward as I'm down to a natural weight for me.

    I'm going to stick to P1 for the next few days to go with the theme of the 14 day P1 of the Blitz. After that I'm not sure. I can't add dairy ...
  5. Travel, work, weight and blitz

    Well, where do I start.

    Been working away in a high quality hotel which has zero, zilch, nada idea of how to cater for special diets. I have been served food that made my colleagues howl with laughter. Needless to say, it hasn't been a good week for me, but I have managed to return home to nothing worse than my 'regular' highest weight. I was fully expecting to have broken all boundaries and have achieved something truly spectacular - but no, the gods have been kind...
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