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  1. THD day 16

    Still sticking with it.

    B - 3 eggs
    L - Grated carrot, radish, red cabbage and lettuce with grated cheese. Strawberries for afters.
    D - cereliac and butternut squash mash with courgettes. Tandoori chicken with cheesey crisps. (Homemade cheese crisps - yum) strawberries and cream.

    I'm not sure if I'm eating too much cheese. Was weary of eating strawberries n cream 2 days in a row too but it stops me from craving sugar or fancying chocolate.
  2. Day 13 THD

    Hospital day. 13hr trip out. Shattered.

    B - fasting for blood sugar test. None.
    L - omelette with onions n peppers
    D - chicken with cauliflower rice and dark chocolate dessert

    Felt weird after dinner but hungry for long periods perhaps n then full stomach didn't help.

    No sugar/diabetes. But due to low TSH level (really concerning levels) I have high bad cholesterol. Had no idea my iron tablets won't let thyroxine absorb so been taking ...
  3. Day 12

    Yay - although I was tempted to cheat, I read Zoe's email and it nipped all of it in the butt.

    B - fried eggs
    L - omelette with peas and leek and cheese
    D - lasagne

    Funnily enough my breakfast with friends ended up with me not eating as I wasn't hungry , having had breakkie at 7am! Also I took my own teabags incase because Jordan is well known for loving sugar and not herbal teas!! Had the pleasure of company without the worry of food. Yay!
  4. Day 5 of Phase 1

    Day 5 of phase 1. I only have 3 kilos to lose.....but they are a pesky 3 kilos to lose that make my size 12 pants tight and uncomfortable in many clothes. I am only 163 cm tall, so not much room to put the extra weight.
    I got on the scale today and looks like I have lost 800grams which is fabulous. Have exercised 4 out of 5 days too.
    It is Friday night here in Sydney, Australia and the end of the work week and I am so wishing for a glass of wine !

    Have fresh atlantic ...
  5. THD day 12

    Wow can't believe I started 12 days ago! Still going strong. Began drinking more and managed 3 litres yesterday :-) which apparently works out against my weight.

    B - eggs with leek and cheese
    L - cucumber raita with NLY
    D - homemade lasagne aubergines n courgettes as sheets with lamb mince and various veg.

    Funnily enough with red meat, cheese does not create havoc in my tummy :-) No idea why but lasagne never messes with my stomach ...
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