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  1. Day Two - On the Wagon...

    I mentioned that this is the third (successful) time I have embarked on the diet. I know already that it is going to be successful because even only after 48 hours, I am feeling the benefit and have enjoyed sticking to the plan:

    - last night, I didn't overheat as I quite often do
    - I am eating well and benefiting from getting ahead of myself on food prep and cooking at the weekend
    - I can feel my energy returning and feel myself thinking straight again
  2. Day 5 - Getting better at this

    Weight: 9st 4.75lb

    The extra food has helped and I've lost half a pound and I feel better today than yesterday but still a little bit edgy. I really enjoyed my roast chicken for dinner and had a couple of bacon rashers with it along with some carrots and spinach - yum. However, I think I will avoid the rice today, which I had for lunch yesterday, as I'd forgotten how it sets off my sugar cravings - that gnawing, empty feeling even after a big meal and it continued until I had my ...
  3. 14 Day Blitz - Day 1

    Day 1 was successful - Yay! :cool:

    I didn't start my day until much later so my first meal was at 12noon. I also stayed up until 3am, but I'm going to try not to make a habit of that.

    Thankfully, i didn't crave any foods I shouldn't be having and I didn't not feel deprived.

    L: Tomato, Tuna and Onion Omelette
    D: Roast Lamb with Veggies
    Snacks: I chicken drumstick with tomato stew and a piece of garlic butter ...
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  4. Day One - done!

    I used Day 0 to get prepared for the week knowing that once back into the swing of things I wouldn't have time to worry about adjusting cooking habits. I've decided to give myself a break from running this week. One thing at a time.

    I found a selfie stick which I'll use for sproadic progress shots...


    After following a recipe for bean paella (minus the beans), I had unwittingly made enough food to ...
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  5. Lindam - day 9

    Had a horrible unanticipated 4:30am start to the first working day after 16 days holiday. Living nightmare. Had an ok day, but am so tired that I'm depressed to the point of being teary. Very unlike me. I just want to fall into a bucket of cheap crappy chocolate (that bit is very like me!)

    I haven't succumbed to anything processed, but I have eaten beyond satiety of 'real food'. A success in the circumstances. A clear example of how my chaotic life affects my eating decisions ...
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