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  1. Phase 1 - Day 6

    Day 5 was good. Had a farewell dinner for a girlfriend at a Spanish restaurant and managed to get something entirely Phase 1 friendly.
    B - NLY - and I got some bloating afterwards. Didn't have it to the prevous days. Hmmmmm
    L - Brown rice pasta, roast zuchinni, aubergine, onion and capsicum with tomato sauce
    D - Spatchcock chicken with rosemary and lemon and tomato, red onion and olive salad. Eeek, are olives allowed on Phase 1? I never thought until right now, I just assumed. ...
  2. Phase 1 - Day 5

    Wow - I've made it to Day 5 - yes!!!!!

    Yesterday was good. Some hunting around the forum for P3 recipes was helpful for the cravings, knowing that I couldn't have the treats today but maybe in a few months seemed to help the cravings go away, or distract me most probably.

    B - skipped as was not hungry
    L - Chicken bunless burger, thd mayo and tomato sauce
    D - Beef patty and salad, thd mayo and tomato sauce

    Went to my GP - he had full blood ...
  3. Accidental Fasting Attempt

    I've never blogged before, so this is a new thing for me.

    Due to ice, the boiler, and general disorganisation (amongst other things), I ran out of time for breakfast today. As I had a busy morning, I decided just to push through to lunch.

    By 2pm (18 hour fast), I had a hollow feeling in my belly, and ended up eating twice as much lunch as usual and not really enjoying it as much. (So, in total having more than I would at breakfast and lunch.)

    Even ...
  4. Phase 1 - Day 4

    Yesterday went pretty well, I changed up my menu and had
    B NLY
    L Brown rice pasta and roast vegies at 11.00am because I was starving
    hungry at 1.00pm so had some cracklin' chicken as was curious how this would turn out. Yummy
    D Bunless chicken burger with speedy mayo and 15 minute tomato sauce and coleslaw. Awesome meal - so yum!

    Junk food was in my thoughts a lot yesterday but used willpower top up techniques e.g wrote a list of 5 things I'm grateful for. ...
  5. Week 3 Day 4

    This is day 4 of no eggs and I miss them! I have had porridge for the last 3 mornings, and it just doesnít cut the mustard. On Saturday and Sunday I had it with a banana but today I had it on its own with cinnamon at just after 8 and Iím ravenous already. The addition of banana did a better job of keeping me going, but we didnít have any in the house this morning and I didnít think to add in apple or berries. Iíve got a whole freezer drawer full of berries but because Iím mentally still on Phase ...
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