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  1. Cheating!!!

    Here is a little Motivational quote I found that suited me really well!! "To be afraid of failure is to be afraid of success"

    cheating !! I just want to share my experience with others about cheating. I have been on the HD now for nearly 9 months now and although I have lost 5 stone I still have another 2 stone to lose , I am taking the scenic route!!

    I am not whiter than white and I have fallen by the wayside and fell off the wagon. I think one of the reasons ...
  2. My Mistakes

    Well, I have certainly made my fair share of mistakes on THD and have failed to lose much weight because of them. Initially, I did phase 1 back in June last year and lost 6.5lbs, from there I went into phase 2 but didn't lose any more for a few weeks and so, I gave up... not entirely, I kept 'dipping in' to the diet, tried making up my own (sorry) lower fat version etc but to no avail. A couple more times I tried to get going but my weight just wasn't moving.

    I didn't fully understand ...
  3. Plateau's!

    So you've been on THD for a week, 2 weeks or maybe 5 weeks and suddenly this week you stand on the scales and you haven't dropped an ounce, or maybe you've put on a small amount! Time to panic? Has the diet stopped working? Did you do something wrong? Maybe you should just give up! It's a familar story, and will happen to almost everyone at some point. What you need to realise is that plateaus are a normal part of weightloss. They will happen, maybe just for a week, maybe for 5 or 6 weeks, but ...
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  4. Fish and Leeks (Phase 2)


    3 Leeks
    Medium Cauliflower
    Cod (or any other white fish)
    Cooked and Peeled King Prawns

    For the sauce:
    1 Medium pot of double cream
    2 tbsp Full Fat Phili
    2 Cloves of garlic - Mashed with half a tsp of salt
    Ground black pepper

    Steam the cod and salmon until cooked to your liking
    Steam the Cauliflower
    Fry the leeks in butter

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