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  1. Phase 1 - Day 2

    Yesterday went pretty well. I changed up my menu and had this instead

    B NLY
    L Chicken drumsticks with cauli rice and cucumber and tomato salad
    D Brown rice pasta with roasted capsicum, aubergine, onion and zuchinni

    Headache lasted all day and is still there so some paracetamol needed.
    We are all off out for brunch with my parents so I'll have a big breakfast at home and just have a peppermint tea while we're out. Luckily it's at the garden centre ...
  2. Day 1 huzzah

    Having waited already for a couple of days, I decided to begin Phase 1 today and do it for 7 days. I'd already bought the food, and was itching to start.
    Feeling the fear! That fear has been the motivation to utterly ignore my waistline for years. So I can and will face it. I want to get rid of this anxiety around food that I didn't realise I had until recently. Imagine being scared of food choices - not for me any more, ta muchly.

    Noticed at breakfast that I have become totally ...
  3. Week 6 - Levelling Out

    Weight: 8st 11.75lb

    This week has been a little calmer so I haven't been so stressed. My eating has been pretty standard, still no fruit or dairy apart from a blueberry binge Lol. I bought a tub of blueberries to have with my porridge but I started eating them the evening before and couldn't stop. I managed to throw away the last few as I'd eaten all the sweet looking ones and just managed to leave the few that were a bit under-ripe. So, I'm going to stay away from fruit for a ...
  4. Week 3 Day 1

    Well, the weight loss hasn't been great after an exemplary two weeks of strict phase 1. Just 3.5 lbs off, down to 11 st 3. Not the drop I was hoping for

    However, I am going to view this as a problem to be solved, rather than a 'sod it' trigger. I wrote earlier in the week about how eggs have caused me to stall in the past. I've never lost much in phase 1 - my first ever 5 day phase 1 saw me lose an underwhelming 1.5 lbs, so I suppose it's true to form for me to lose just over 3 ...
  5. Things to reflect on before I begin..

    Ok. Gonna do this, gonna do this.
    Actually, I am going to do this, but as I'm waiting a couple more days until the next auspicious diary date, I will use this post to remind myself WHY I'm gonna.
    1. I have no idea what body shape I am, naturally. I have always worn a comfortable coat of blubber over my pear/apple/hourglass (wahey!). I would like to find out.
    2. I am fairly attractive when slim (I was relatively photogenic, once, for about three months) but am not one of those ...
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