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  1. Day 4

    I didn't feel so shaky this morning so didn't bother with the blood sugar test. I also haven't felt the dip today so hopefully things are starting to balance out a bit - not sure if they can this quickly but, whatever it is, it meant that I haven't had to resort to another Kiwi although the last one is sitting in the fridge. I sometimes have to laugh at my 'first world problems' of whether to eat a Kiwi or not

    B: Bacon, large portabella mushroom (last one), avocado
    L: ...
  2. Christelle's trials and tribulations

    I am still weighing although I am not reporting on it. I do not want to worry about weight this week. I have bigger things to worry about. That being said, I lost after my gain last week, stayed the same for a couple of days and then picked up again yesterday and picked up again this morning.

    I have had sausage last night and that always affects me, so I know this is the culprit. Yesterday I did not eat breakfast until 10:30. And then I only ate because I knew we were going out and ...
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