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  1. Day 2 18 April

    I am hoping that this will give me a bit more accountability. Time will tell.
    At the beginning of the week I decided that I would try to do something positive each day. Nothing very startling and mostly just ordinary things!
    Monday's positive activity was walking and a little shopping!
    Tuesday was mowing the lawn which takes a couple of hours and a little weeding. Yesterday also involved cleaning the BBQ in anticipation of a few days of sunshine.
    Had breakfast outside ...
  2. Back Again

    It looks like thereís something in the air with a number of old members relaunching themselves.

    I started in 2011 and lost a couple of stone over 2 and a half years and was happily stabilised around 12 stone. I got married and took my eye off the ball. My husband is one of those people who never sit still and as a consequence he weighs just under ten stone, so I changed to eating like he does and promptly put four stone on over the past five years. Iím trying very hard not to think ...
  3. Christelle's trials and tribulations

    Weigh in: 85.8 NLL

    I am really not sure what is going on with my body. I have lost 0.9kg overnight. I know I always complain about the fact that I pick this much up in one go and then only loose it in 200gm installments but this seems ridiculous. Maybe this is what happens if I do not cheat too much...?

    Yesterday afternoon, when I got home (I was home alone) I wanted nuts. I was not hungry at the time but I wanted nuts. I picked up the packet with the full intention ...
  4. Day 8 Again

    I am so pleased that I keep a blog as it has just helped remind me how I feel at this stage. Looking back to 2016's Day 8 I was dreaming about food and battling cravings and that's exactly what's happening now. Before I looked at the old blog entries I though that I would be feeling a bit better by now so it's reassuring to know that this is normal for me.

    My cravings would like nothing more than for me to buy a bag of double choc cookies from Sainsbury's but I'm glad to say that ...
    Tags: cravings, sugar
  5. Christelle's trials and tribulations

    Weigh-in 86.6; on LL

    Yesterday was a funny day. I went to work in the morning but was feeling still quite ill and decided at 13:00 that it was time for me to go home. On my way home I went past the doctors. My preferable doc wasn't in, so I saw a different one. I'm not as happy with him as I am with the regular one but he'll do.

    I left the practice (where there are several doctors, diet clinic, dentists, podiatrists and so on) with a whole pharmacy of medicines. My ...
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