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  1. Weighing and Waiting

    To weigh or not to weigh that is the question. I am not sure whether to leap on the scales or not. It has been 6 weeks and my trouser size hasn't altered (mind you I wear elasticated ones).

    I feel a bit uncertain and today I was staring at the scales. A friend said I look different and my tops are loose, but the weight doesn't seem to be shifting. I know its a lifestyle change and I am so pleased not to be hungry so I am going to keep going. I just feel a bit 'meh'.
  2. Argyll and the islands

    Just returned from a brilliant week away in a campervan, touring Argyll. The weather was amazingly hot but sadly that did bring out the midges as soon as the temperature dropped slightly. Iím not sure how the residents of the west coast actually manage as I was demented with them, although they didnít bite me much.

    Didnít even attempt to keep on track but really enjoyed the food that I did have, but keen to get back to eating properly so that the 5lbs Iíve put on disappears as quickly ...
  3. Four Pounds and Seven Inches

    At the end of Phase One my number crunching reads like this:

    Weight 13st 4lb -4lbs
    BMI 30 -.5
    Body Fat 4st 12lb -4lbs
    BF% 36.6 -1.6
    H2o 46.2% +1.1%

    Bust 43"
    Waist 37"
    Hips 44"
    Thighs 23/23"
    Arms 13/13" -1" of every measurement =7" in total lost

    I'm really happy with my results, and moving on I'm going back to more plant based eating now, so mostly carb meals,with the occasional ...
  4. Phase One - Eating Fish and Eggs

    I started Phase One on Friday 1st June, doing it the sensible way, that's the beauty of doing this for the second time ... learning from your own mistakes

    I had given up alcohol a month before as it had started really not agreeing me, a lot of vegans find this to be the case. I switched to decaf coffee the week before to get the bloody awful headaches out of the way before I changed my eating habits, I'm glad I did they were chronic, but a couple of paracetamol took the edge ...
  5. Day 14

    I'm pleased to have made it to 14 days and now feel that it's become a way of life. I know that I've still got to be careful at this stage not to be lulled into a false sense of security. I'm still avoiding fruit, all though I had some blueberries the other day, as I know that the sugar content is enough to set me off on a sugar binge. I've got a busy week next week which could be dangerous so I'm off to Sainsburys this morning to make sure I've got plenty of supplies. I'm determined to make ...
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