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  1. Not been very well

    Had another tooth out on Thursday, almost immediately came down with a sore throat and head cold, having googled it I think it may be bacteria from my socket, this is the side I had the inflamed cranial nerve last year and dentist was worried about damaging my sinus if he removed shattered tooth so I've waited 2 years for it to drop down and during this time have had a few infections.
    Anyway immunity must still be low so I need to work on this with my probiotics.
    I have struggled ...
  2. Phase 1 - Day 3

    Yesterday went pretty well. Wasn't hungry for breakfast so ended up just having a table spoon of yoghurt. Went to brunch and ordered a chicken salad with no dressing (I brought my own). Dinner was lamb cutlets with carrot and parsnip roasted and some zuchinni. Got hungry at about 9.00pm probably because I didn't really have breakfast so I ate leftover brown rice pasta and vegies.

    All in all a good day, no headache today and body is feeling pretty good. Maybe a little tired but other ...
  3. Phase 1 - Day 2

    Yesterday went pretty well. I changed up my menu and had this instead

    B NLY
    L Chicken drumsticks with cauli rice and cucumber and tomato salad
    D Brown rice pasta with roasted capsicum, aubergine, onion and zuchinni

    Headache lasted all day and is still there so some paracetamol needed.
    We are all off out for brunch with my parents so I'll have a big breakfast at home and just have a peppermint tea while we're out. Luckily it's at the garden centre ...
  4. Day 1 huzzah

    Having waited already for a couple of days, I decided to begin Phase 1 today and do it for 7 days. I'd already bought the food, and was itching to start.
    Feeling the fear! That fear has been the motivation to utterly ignore my waistline for years. So I can and will face it. I want to get rid of this anxiety around food that I didn't realise I had until recently. Imagine being scared of food choices - not for me any more, ta muchly.

    Noticed at breakfast that I have become totally ...
  5. Week 6 - Levelling Out

    Weight: 8st 11.75lb

    This week has been a little calmer so I haven't been so stressed. My eating has been pretty standard, still no fruit or dairy apart from a blueberry binge Lol. I bought a tub of blueberries to have with my porridge but I started eating them the evening before and couldn't stop. I managed to throw away the last few as I'd eaten all the sweet looking ones and just managed to leave the few that were a bit under-ripe. So, I'm going to stay away from fruit for a ...
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