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  1. Finally found the confidence

    This is my 9th day of my new way of eating and I have finally gained the confidence to blog! I have been a member on and off for ages but I think this is the first time I have made a contribution. Perhaps this is a sign of settling in to my new eating patterns-who knows?
    Well I weighed in on Sunday and have lost 6 lbs and I feel so much better. I came off caffeine last September which was a headache, literally! Now I'm just getting the odd craving for sweet stuff and pastry, but I am not ...
  2. Ph 1 day 7

    B - leek and chilli (tiny bit for flavour) egg
    L - salad (but silly amount as didn't really have time to eat so picked at it during after school meeting)
    D - last nights dinner !! Chicken with green local squash, courgettes fries and mash :-)

    Water and sparkling water.

    Still fancying cheese - ha! Resisting though least until weekend n then I can go n buy some.
  3. Ph 1 day 6 (yesterday)

    Was so shattered after first day at work that I forgot to post my menu n fell asleep!!


    B - eggs with leek
    L chicken salad
    D - celeriac and butternut squash mash (got the idea from other post n tried it - yummy) chicken curry and courgette spinach fries (leftovers - yay)

    Feel my menu is very repetitive but it's getting me through phase one.

    I do fancy cheese though now to liven up some of my foods - my omelette ...
  4. Ph 1 day 6 :-)

    In a much better mood today yet nothing really changed - except I'm back at work tomorrow!

    Have more energy, no cravings - the thought of a cheese sandwich does NOT make me salivate! Still got headaches, upped the water - maybe not enough. Dry mouth too.

    I am missing my gum. Need a natural mint flavour or something as breath doesn't seem right ATM.

    B - eggs

    L - rice pilau (last of it so no mixing tomorrow) with salad

  5. Ph 1 day 5

    Well unexpectedly went out :-( I didn't cheat but I ate chicken that I didn't prepare so feel uneasy about what was in it.

    B - egg as planned.

    L - omelette (went out with friends)

    3ish - got hungry. Courgette fries and egg

    Dinner - chicken (zuechuan - Chinese)

    I feel terrible. I'm trying so hard to be normal and happy, able To go out and be good on a diet - two do not marry well!!

    I wrote in the other ...
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