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  1. Christelle's trials and tribulations

    Weigh in: 88.4, 0.6kg above LL

    Let's start with the good part of yesterday. I think I might have reacted to the coconut cream. I had a bit of a tummy ache and a bit of a bowel clean out too.

    Then the not so good part of yesterday:

    Wee C is camping with the scouts since Wednesday and will only be back on Sunday. OH decided we should have a date night and wanted Mexican food. We were both quite happy with this until I told him I will have the meatballs. ...
  2. Christelle's journey

    Weigh in: 88.8, 1kg above LL

    I am thinking that I should maybe stop weighing for a while. I was pretty upset this morning with the 0.4kg gain. I do not know where this came from and this after I thought I was really very good yesterday. I do know my body takes a bit of time to start releasing again, normally by day 3 after eating properly, but I would have expected a sts, not a gain. The only thing that comes to mind is the coconut cream I used to make creamed spinach last night. ...
  3. Christelle's journey

    Weigh-in: 88.4, 0.6kg above my lowest low (ll)

    As most of you know, I have been battling of late. I am a creature of routine. I love routine and I am always looking for routine. Once my routine is messed up, I tend to battle until I can get back to my routine or create a new one that works.

    My normal routine: Get up, have coffee, go to work, read and comment on the forum, work, have coffee, have breakfast, work, have lunch (small because I am not very hungry but cannot ...
  4. Mat's Daily Macros (and Micros) The Last Day.....

    That's it - That's the week done. An experiment to see what a normal week looks like as far as macro and micronutrients go.

    The main rationale behind this was birthed in the email from ZoŽ about LCHF proponents adding butter to everything to improve their 'macros' and as a non-diabetic man, I was interested to see just how unnecessary it was.

    My final day's menu is thus:

    92 gm or 3.2 oz EGG,WHOLE,COOKED,FRIED ...
    Food Diary
  5. Mat's Daily Macros (and Micros) Day 6

    Yo. - Here's yesterday's Menu's and Food's and loads of spurious apostrophe's

    92 gm or 3.2 oz EGG,WHOLE,COOKED,FRIED
    30 gm or 1.1 oz MORRISONS CHEESE
    14 gm or 0.5 oz OIL,OLIVE,SALAD OR COOKING

    20 gm or 0.7 oz ARUGULA,RAW
    60 gm or 2.1 oz CUCUMBER,WITH ...
    Tags: lchf, macros
    Food Diary
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