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  1. celiaj's Avatar
    Oh Christelle, what an awful experience. Try to stay in touch on the forum -there is lots of support here for you. Food wise; try to chill and to follow your instinct. Everything will come right again.
  2. grumbleweed's Avatar
    Oh, that's terrible Christelle. I too have experienced burglary...when I was younger and lived on my own, and later when ex and I had moved into a new house. It's a terribly invasive experience that leaves its effects for a good while. Get those fat meals in you. They will go a long way in helping you to recover mentally. xx
  3. roseymary's Avatar
    Christelle that's really an awful experience for you to suffer. I fully understand that you feel terrible, but as Gilli said, P3 is about sensible cheating, and do you want to regain the weight you've lost this year by just eating junk so called comfort food that won't make you feel good long term.
  4. Gilli's Avatar
    Christelle, sending you a big hug.

    That sounds really horrid and scary.

    We have also been burgled once at our old house but did not see the actual thieves and the fear of that happening again but worse gave me many sleepless nights. The cost of repairing the damage to the window was far higher than the value of what they stole but we discovered they had been hiding out in the garden (there was a flattened out patch in the shrubbery) waiting for us to go to bed before breaking in. Our younger daughter was really shaken and I had to make her some thicker curtains before she felt safe in her own bedroom again.

    What you are feeling at the moment is a totally normal reaction to a frightening event. Taking a step into P3 when you feel that weightloss is not the priority is a sensible decision but remember that to maintain means not cheating too much and not cheating too often so don't go wild and make sure you only eat the P3 foods you enjoy rather than everything is sight because you can.

    As Sue said, stay in touch. xx
  5. Anna2's Avatar
    Really sorry to hear about this Christelle. I remember that rush of adrenaline and subsequent crash from when we had an attempted break in while we were asleep in bed. It's such an invasive and upsetting experience. Keep your P3 under control and hope to see you back in the zone soon.
  6. 2nd_Alto's Avatar
    Oh scary scary Christelle, you have all my sympathy. We were burgled a few years ago so now we are locked up like Fort Knox and honestly I feel much better for it. I'm not surprised you were rattled. So sorry that, coupled with winter, has made you depressed. Keep posting, even if you are eating P3 - you will feel better for staying in touch with your THD family. Sending hugs xxxxx
  7. 2nd_Alto's Avatar
    Duolingo is great isn't it Alison. I've been doing French for quite a while now...though I'm not much good sadly. Good to hear you had a good p2 day - but is there any reason why you are finding your breathing more difficult?
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  8. Alison13's Avatar
    Thanks both! I managed a few stinging nettles. I expect they are carb free!
  9. roseymary's Avatar
    Great day and well done on stopping at 2 glasses of red wine.
  10. Bronn's Avatar
    All sounds like a pretty good day so far, fingers crossed for a peaceful evening and a good week ahead
  11. Gilli's Avatar
    Mmmm. That potjie looks delicious. In the navy we used to call it pot-mess when we did all the meat and veg in one pot on expeditions, although your picture looks way more delicious.

    As a group you also look as though you are having a great time.

    I think you were very tolerant going for Pizza, but I can see that it is a bit difficult when they are at your house to say that they have to follow your way of eating, even though it would have been better for your SiL not to have pizza.
  12. celiaj's Avatar
    It's not a rant at all!
  13. grumbleweed's Avatar
    That looks lush colourful.
  14. celiaj's Avatar
    Hope cutting the grass gave you a sense of satisfaction!i find that keeping the garden sorted can be quite relaxing. Our garden is not beautiful and things seem to struggle to grow in it, but it still provides quiet satisfaction when it's tidy, and I love colour!
    Hope you can feel the same way
  15. celiaj's Avatar
    You only ever change if you want to change and sometimes it is much more comfortable to stay where you are!
  16. Ffion's Avatar
    Lovely photos! And I know what I'd have chosen given the choice. It wouldn't have been pizza!
  17. Christelle's Avatar
    And here we are at the stall

  18. Christelle's Avatar
    A picture of OH's pot

  19. Christelle's Avatar
    Sorry, pressed submit while I was ranting.
  20. Sarah(sjc)'s Avatar
    We all know at least one person like that - not that it helps you to know that! Makes you want to shake them till their teeth rattle!
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