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  1. Third round of blood work on THD!

    Well got my test results in and everything is still good according to my doctor. But eating THD really does show. Evidenced by my own personal levels. I had so much improvement when I had been on THD for only one month, then still a better result when I had been on it for 9 months. But these last four months and my cheating to much really made a difference. My overall cholesterol increased by almost twenty points, my HDL went down a point, but my LDL went from an 86 to 103.
    I look at these ...

    Updated 17th October 2013 at 09:28 AM by Steph8324

  2. Keep walking!

    Well good day so far. I have been struggling emotionally with family life, work life, relationships, etc.. Well I have been letting that get to me, but I think I have done pretty well so far on my re-dedication to THD. My body is slowly peeling off some numbers, hope to be back down to my pre summer weight in a couple of weeks. 3 lbs to go for that to happen and hopefully the weight will still keep going to kill that nasty block I have been in since winter.

    Well started working on ...
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