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  1. Mat's Daily Macros (and Micros) Day 2

    Here we go! - Day 2!
    Pretty similar to yesterday as far as B & L goes - Bolognase for dinner though!

    It is interesting - with zero effort and no butter added to see the Macros where they are!

    30 gm or 1.1 oz CREAM,FLUID,HEAVY WHIPPING
    92 gm or 3.2 oz EGG,WHOLE,COOKED,FRIED
    30 gm or 1.1 oz MORRISONS CHEESE
    Tags: macros;lchf
    Food Diary
  2. Mat's Daily Macros (and Micros) Day 1

    Brace yourselves! Here comes my daily menu!

    92 gm or 3.2 oz EGG,WHOLE,COOKED,FRIED
    55 gm or 1.9 oz HOMEMADE COLESLAW
    50 gm or 1.8 oz MORRISONS CHEESE

    65 gm or 2.3 oz CUCUMBER,WITH PEEL,RAW
    88 gm or 3.1 oz MACKEREL,CANNED,TESCO
    40 gm or 1.4 oz MATMAYO ...
    Food Diary
  3. Phase 2 Week 30

    Am 0.4kg off today. A good result. Had no chocolate this week. Had a bottle of wine last weekend which lasted til Monday - so 3 days of wine. Tues - Thurs no wine. Had wine again yesterday. It was my colleagues funeral and I had a spritzer at the wake. It went as well as these things can - lots of tears, but also some laughter and reminiscing.
  4. Helping someone you love with health is hard!

    Unfortunately, as I have discovered, trying to help someone with health issues can be really hard. I know most would say I need to back off and let hubby make the decisions for himself. However, when his life and yours have become so inextricably linked through work as well as marriage, boy does it become so personal when they won't look after themselves and look to cheat the system as often as they can...

    I've been reading some more of the book I bought at the PHC Conference "Diabetes ...
  5. Allergies calming down

    As expected I seem to be almost allergy free this evening, 48 hours after eating the last bit of gluten/oats.

    Today I tried to get more Vit A into my diet although it's not easy to eat the retinol vit A foods. I bought some snack prawns from M&S but I just hate the texture - it's like eating some kind of cold worm. I think I'll have to try them cooked in something. Alternatively I'll just stick to the eggs in broth. My body should be turning the carotenoids into retinol but I'd ...
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