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  1. Day 2 phase 1

    Yesterday I did feel quite hungry throughout the day but I'm trying to keep to the three meals but either I do need a couple of snacks or larger meals
    I did sleep a lot better last night than I have for a long time.
    I think it's due to giving up the alcohol as before I started the Harcombe Dieti could quiet easily after work and during the night while watching tv drink nearly a bottle of red wine to my self , surprisingly I haven't craved alcohol too much only on the odd occasion as ...
  2. 1st day phase 1

    I have 3 stone to lose and after trying so many diets my sister gave me the Harcombe diet book. Last week I practically read it from cover to cover and now I feel I am ready to start my journey into a diet that contradicts every type of diet I have done and failed at previously.
    I must admit I am nervous about starting but last week I gave up the caffeine and alcohol so hopefully I won't have too many side effects as I am a florist / owner of a busy shop in Oxfordshire with lots of weddings ...
  3. PDF on useful carbs and fats

    I just searched for info on types of Fats etc, and several references appeared. One was posting a PDF of useful info about carbs and fats from I think Zoe posted on 2010. It said it was from "the book" - no reference. I clicked on the link but it is not there. Has it been taken down. I would like to read it if poss.
    I have had this happen a couple of times referring to info that is not there.
    Can anybody help please?
  4. Bread

    I am not wheat intolerant so my wife occasionally makes some lovely wholewheat bread in our bread maker.I do like savoury toppings so does anyone have any tips for the what a can put on it ?
  5. Phase 1 Day 1

    It's been a long time in the planning but I'm back!

    Hello everyone hope you are all doing good.

    I'm feeling determined because I really hate waking up feeling a failure and seeing myself get fatter and fatter.

    I'm under no illusions that it's going to be easy but I have to keep getting back up and on it even if I hit a tough spot.

    I have a few more tools under my belt to help success.

    I'm an old hand at Harcombe and ...
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