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  1. My Mistakes

    Well, I have certainly made my fair share of mistakes on THD and have failed to lose much weight because of them. Initially, I did phase 1 back in June last year and lost 6.5lbs, from there I went into phase 2 but didn't lose any more for a few weeks and so, I gave up... not entirely, I kept 'dipping in' to the diet, tried making up my own (sorry) lower fat version etc but to no avail. A couple more times I tried to get going but my weight just wasn't moving.

    I didn't fully understand ...
  2. Cheating!!!

    Here is a little Motivational quote I found that suited me really well!! "To be afraid of failure is to be afraid of success"

    cheating !! I just want to share my experience with others about cheating. I have been on the HD now for nearly 9 months now and although I have lost 5 stone I still have another 2 stone to lose , I am taking the scenic route!!

    I am not whiter than white and I have fallen by the wayside and fell off the wagon. I think one of the reasons ...
  3. Grilled Goats Cheese Salad

    I find this so yummy and really quick to make.

    Serves 2:
    2 small goats cheese rounds
    1 pepper
    1 red onion
    bag of rocket (or other lettuce)
    cherry tomatoes
    olive oil
    (balsamic vinegar)
    pine nuts

    Put a whole pepper in the oven (200 degrees). Chop some red onion and mix with plenty of olive oil in a deepish baking tray. Add to the oven after 10 minutes and cook onions and pepper for a further 10 minutes. (When you ...

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  4. Don't weigh in more than once a week!

    Hi all!
    I thought I would make my first blog on this as I am always hearing about people obsessively weighing themselves everyday and panicing when they put half a pound on over night! You should not weigh yourself everyday as fluctuations upto a pound or 2 is normal from one day to the next. Zoe did a wonderful blog on the weight fluctuations of a constant weight person which you can read here.

    I did something similar for my own interest on my own weight a little while ago, ...

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  5. Exercise - Personal Experience

    Hi all – I’ve just got back from a week’s skiing in Italy, so here’s a blog on my experience of doing more activity than normal.

    Andy and I normally share 3 dog walks a day. We always do the morning half hour together and Andy generally does the night walk and then whoever is able to do a lunchtime half hour does so. Andy, therefore, usually walks 60-90 minutes a day and I walk 30-60 mins a day. The walks are up and down gradients, as we live in the countryside, but nothing that steep. ...
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