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  1. Cheating!!!

    Here is a little Motivational quote I found that suited me really well!! "To be afraid of failure is to be afraid of success"

    cheating !! I just want to share my experience with others about cheating. I have been on the HD now for nearly 9 months now and although I have lost 5 stone I still have another 2 stone to lose , I am taking the scenic route!!

    I am not whiter than white and I have fallen by the wayside and fell off the wagon. I think one of the reasons ...
  2. My Mistakes

    Well, I have certainly made my fair share of mistakes on THD and have failed to lose much weight because of them. Initially, I did phase 1 back in June last year and lost 6.5lbs, from there I went into phase 2 but didn't lose any more for a few weeks and so, I gave up... not entirely, I kept 'dipping in' to the diet, tried making up my own (sorry) lower fat version etc but to no avail. A couple more times I tried to get going but my weight just wasn't moving.

    I didn't fully understand ...
  3. Weight watchers

    Hi all had to share with you my story because i am so so excited at starting the harcombe plan.
    I worked for weight watchers and was a leader for approximatly 2 years.
    During my time there i have seen so many members come and go and then come and go blaming every excuse under the sun as to why the can not loose weight.
    Weight watchers policy is to really sell their products but members would buy 4-5 boxes of the low fat chocolate bars and wonder why they came the week after ...
  4. Plateau's!

    So you've been on THD for a week, 2 weeks or maybe 5 weeks and suddenly this week you stand on the scales and you haven't dropped an ounce, or maybe you've put on a small amount! Time to panic? Has the diet stopped working? Did you do something wrong? Maybe you should just give up! It's a familar story, and will happen to almost everyone at some point. What you need to realise is that plateaus are a normal part of weightloss. They will happen, maybe just for a week, maybe for 5 or 6 weeks, but ...
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  5. Fish and Leeks (Phase 2)


    3 Leeks
    Medium Cauliflower
    Cod (or any other white fish)
    Cooked and Peeled King Prawns

    For the sauce:
    1 Medium pot of double cream
    2 tbsp Full Fat Phili
    2 Cloves of garlic - Mashed with half a tsp of salt
    Ground black pepper

    Steam the cod and salmon until cooked to your liking
    Steam the Cauliflower
    Fry the leeks in butter

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