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  1. Falafel Recipe in Book

    Quote Originally Posted by Mike D View Post
    Hello Andy or others,
    Can you help please.
    I have just purchased the ingredients for making Falafel from Zoe's recipe book. It say 200g of red chillies!! Is this correct? It sounds a lot to me but Im only a boy when it comes to cooking. Im just about to start making it so would appreciate a quick response, or I could end up in A&E.
  2. Get back on track after attending our friends wedding

    Hi guys I need a bit of help. I am on the 12 week plan started on 2nd Jan lost 13lbs so pleased. Have not gone off plan. Yesterday we went to our friends wedding - had a great day, drank a couple of glasses of fun and red wine with dinner and yes had the sticky toffee pudding. Tonight all I want to do is eat chocolate. Trying to drink loads of water....husband also away for a week xxx still also house bound due to my foot op 3 weeks ago. I have a long way to go 3 or 4 stone xxxx
  3. THD day 16

    Still sticking with it.

    B - 3 eggs
    L - Grated carrot, radish, red cabbage and lettuce with grated cheese. Strawberries for afters.
    D - cereliac and butternut squash mash with courgettes. Tandoori chicken with cheesey crisps. (Homemade cheese crisps - yum) strawberries and cream.

    I'm not sure if I'm eating too much cheese. Was weary of eating strawberries n cream 2 days in a row too but it stops me from craving sugar or fancying chocolate.
  4. Weigh in 2

    Lost 4lbs this week so that is 10lbs over the two weeks. I am still thinking a lot about sweet stuff so I am avoiding it like the plague for now. I was wondering if there was any difference between liking the taste and addiction so until I know the difference I am steering clear!

    I do feel more lively and have certainly got more get up and go! I went out for a walk along the beach yesterday. I thought I had been 1/2 an hour but then realised it was 1 and 1/2 hours! So far I have rearranged ...
  5. Day 13 THD

    Hospital day. 13hr trip out. Shattered.

    B - fasting for blood sugar test. None.
    L - omelette with onions n peppers
    D - chicken with cauliflower rice and dark chocolate dessert

    Felt weird after dinner but hungry for long periods perhaps n then full stomach didn't help.

    No sugar/diabetes. But due to low TSH level (really concerning levels) I have high bad cholesterol. Had no idea my iron tablets won't let thyroxine absorb so been taking ...
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