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  1. Fish and Leeks (Phase 2)


    3 Leeks
    Medium Cauliflower
    Cod (or any other white fish)
    Cooked and Peeled King Prawns

    For the sauce:
    1 Medium pot of double cream
    2 tbsp Full Fat Phili
    2 Cloves of garlic - Mashed with half a tsp of salt
    Ground black pepper

    Steam the cod and salmon until cooked to your liking
    Steam the Cauliflower
    Fry the leeks in butter

  2. Salad Idea (Fat Meal - Not too great for Candida Sufferers)

    Here is an idea for part of a salad - It goes really well with BBQ.

    Cheese (Blue - If you can or any strong cheese if you can't)
    Cottage Cheese

    Chop the broccoli, cheese and onion as small as you can.
    Stir in some cottage cheese until the mixture is still quite dry and can be spooned onto your plate

    This goes really well with a green salad and homemade burgers! ...
  3. Goodbye from me!!

    Hi all, it's been a great month as a premium member, but I'll have to leave these hallowed boards now and regress to ordinary free status :( - recession bites. Ouch. Still following THD of course, not so strictly now that I have actually reached my ideal BMI (hurrah) but the sensibly healthy way of eating is now ingrained. Thanks so much Zoe!!
  4. Before I Found The Harcombe Diet

    Here's a little poem I wrote, I hope you enjoy it... Feel free to share it but please leave my name in there. Thank you x

    The nightmare before diets

    By Helen Allen, Norfolk, England. 2010

    Twas the night before my diet
    And all through my home
    Not a creature was stirring
    But my mind, it did roam

    It went to the kitchen
    And mentally scoured
    The cupboards for foods ...
  5. It's a goodbye for now

    Dear all,

    after after 9 days I have to leave you all for now...apparently, at the moment, the Harcombe Diet is not totally working for me.
    It did, weight wise work really well, I lost something like 2.5 kilos, which is impressive in such short time and definitely my candida is quite under, you would say, what's wrong then?
    Well today, when I jumped on my scale (Tanita body fat analyzer etc) and I read the results, these were not quite positive: my weight ...
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