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  1. Ph 1 day 9 ... except for dinner!

    Well I was going to start phase 2 on Friday but woke up to NO water. Have you ever heard such a crazy thing - no water whatsoever. Had to scramble about filling up a kettle and heating up for my morning cleansing! Ridiculous.

    So ended up buying bottles of water and cheese haha after work.

    B - eggs and leek
    L - Pilau
    D - chicken and squash, courgettes fries and eggs with a sprinkle of cheeeessseee!!!! Yay

    I guess I'm on phase 2 - shite ...
  2. lemon juice

    Hi Any advice on how much lemon juice if any can be used in phase 1
  3. Another day done

    I have really bad conjunctivitis today. Nothing to do with the diet just my stupidity. I put my old contact lenses in yesterday and had to keep them in all day at work ( I can't see without them!) Anyway by the end of the day my eyes were bright red and really uncomfortable-such a silly thing to do.

    I have started doing couch to 5k again. A few years ago I was running almost every day and really enjoying it. Then unfortunately my running partner ( my wonderful old dog) died. I live ...
  4. Feeling a bit sad....

    AS per usual i feel like i am back at square 1. i am struggling with sugar cravings, but don't feel i have the strength to tackle them. i know that when i am eating well i feel fine, but i've not managed more than a few days/weeks in one go for months and months now. as a result i'm still around a stone over when i started harcombe nearly 5years ago. work isn't helping - just in the middle of a potentially very big and exciting expansion,b ut i'm shattered and that's not likely to improve any ...
  5. Ph 1 day 8

    Wow I made it to day 8 in phase one. I find it so boring in Jordan but seem to lose a few more pounds.

    Roll on July :-)

    B - eggs with leek.
    L - Pilau - which I know wasn't suggested as no mixing but ATM it's all I have in the freezer!! Salad - grated carrot and red cabbage.
    D - chicken with squash plus egg on top.

    Water + sparkling water.

    Once work begins I'm too tired to cook meals so it's defrosted ready meals (home ...
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