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  1. A good Sunday and wining so far today

    B: NLY and Brown rice cereal
    L: Cheese omelette
    D: Smoked mackeral fillet and salad

    Lovely day. Up late and had brekkie. Took dogs for a 7 mile walk, with a stop for a cheese omelette half way. Enjoyed that. No DC. No cheats. Except for a splash of milk in 2 caffeine free teas.

    My only gripe is that i'm not getting any thinner at all. Surely I should be!!
  2. Lazy Sunday morning

    Friday went well

    I didn't manage to get breakfast, which is not good. Just never got time. Got up late, got girls to school, and me to work, and hit the ground running there. Crazy day. End of term always seems to wind up not dow in an upper school. Three days left. manage to ahve lunch at about midday, erlier than usual. Had to have that while talking to students. I had salad leaves, tomato, small amount of grate carrot, small tin of tuna and a hard boiled egg. It was lovely. ...
  3. Another good day yesterday

    B: 2 hard boiled eggs
    L: salad leaves and prawn
    D: 3 scrambled eggs and bacon
    Evening snack: NLY

    All perfect, except for the one can of diet coke. I will stop I promise. Let me just finish the pack?

    I also went to the gym last night. Walked in and it felt lovely and cool. Soon I became really quite hot, so stuck to walking on treadmill and a few weights and a lovely cool shower.

    Doing well. Just DC to drop then

  4. BAd yesterday, good today

    16 days in and I thought I would write a blog. I'm gonna post my food diary too. Please shout if there is stuff on there that shouldn't be. I need all the help I can get!

    Yesterday went well until.........I thought I could cope with a couple of squares of 85% chocolate. No go!! I had a couple of squares, and a couple more, and the rest of the bar, and a nectarine, a yogurt, finsihed off the ice cream and a chocolate shortbread. I feel sick writing that! Hated myself yesterday. ...
  5. Focus

    Starting phase 1 tomorrow.
    Just had my parents kindly tell me I look awful at over 14 stone and 5?foot 3.
    It's enough.
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