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  1. Lindam - day 3

    Well, keeping my carb until my last meal of the day worked a treat last night. So that's something I might be repeating as necessary

    Still on holiday, and pretty chilled...

    Breakfast, 2 pork steaks
    Lunch, home cooked ham and cheese
    Snack, 20 grams 85%
    Dinner - probably cauliflower and sprouts
  2. Lindam - day 2

    Yesterday went well UNTIL 11pm when I was ambushed by a tube of Pringles. I don't even like Pringles but there you go. So, today, I'm trying two tactics to try to avoid the late night carb/sugar munchies.

    A) I'm eating fat meals during the day when my resolve is at its strongest, and I'm having my carb in the evenings (usually porridge)

    B) I'm introducing fruit before the porridge (fruit is something I don't particularly like and never crave) in order to avoid the ...
  3. Getting my damn act together in 2016 - day 1

    Going to do a Roseymary and Howie (apologies to others left out!) and record my daily progress via blog. Mainly for my own records but also with a nod to public accountability.

    I'm giving myself a year to get back to where I was - I've enough pressure in my life, adding to it won't help.

    Location: at home
    Mood: on holiday
    Brunch - large salmon steak, 40 grams of 85%
    Tinner - cheese and ham
    Snack - NLY

    Lots of decaf and ...
  4. Trying to get back to P1

    I'm going through one of those difficult times where I wish I hadn't fallen off the wagon as it's so hard getting back on. I had a major binge day yesterday but I've just about stayed on track today. That's only because I haven't been out and I haven't got anything bad in the house. The weather is terrible so even though I was tempted to go out to the Tesco Local the thought of leaving the warmth and comfort of the house put me off.

    I know I've got a really busy week next week ...
  5. 4th November 2015

    I'm glad to say that my falling off the wagon hasn't affected my weight too much. I'm up 0.25lb over 2 days which is nothing. Tomorrow I'm being provided with food again so I'll have to wait and see what I'm given. So, Friday to Tuesday I'm going to do a return to P1 just to get clean again.

    Weight: 9st 2.75lb

    Breakfast: Porridge
    Lunch: Stir-fry chicken (with skin) and M&S Ribbon Salad
    Snack: 2 Pastries!
    Dinner: Bolognese
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