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  1. June 23rd & 24th

    June 23rd

    This was a difficult day. I went to London for a demonstration with DD no. 1 and her friend. We took an early train so breakfast was a croissant and a black decaf coffee. We got to London after a delay about 11:15 and made our way to the start where we stood until well past 1pm in the full sun and heat before setting off.

    By the time the event was over both girls we famished and tired so we decided to eat. We found a restaurant and I have a broad bean and ...
  2. A fresh start

    My first time blogging but think it will help me massively. I have done harcombe many many times before but have always gone back to the carb side! Iím hoping blogging will help me work out the emotional side to my food issues.
    Day 1 is tomorrow, I know I will have a really rough time with sugar craving but I need to do this for so so many reasons.
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