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  1. Piper's Avatar
    I too really like your idea of your small changes! Well done for keeping your meals on track
  2. Piper's Avatar
    It sounds like you are doing really well, given the work load at min. Well done for avoiding rhe chocolate fridge. That would be my potential downfall too!

    Isn't it great being able to look at menus online now? It does make it easier. We have a favourite restaurant, and i was looking at their menu yesterday. They do not do a single starter without grains! Very disappointing, given that at min im not eating dessert either. Luckily our local Prezzo does better
  3. Bronn's Avatar
    Thanks Rosey. Haven’t felt any ill effects but I’m trying not to make it a habit - I’m planning to stick to sparkling water with lots of ice and chunks of lime at home, and keep alcohol to an absolute minimum - the odd small glass of red wine if out with friends.
  4. roseymary's Avatar
    Wine isn't ideal at the start but there are way more off plan cheats than that, so here's hoping you can have a good long period on plan and year end continues smoothly.
  5. Bronn's Avatar
    Hi Celia, love the idea of small positive actions - I think I’ll adopt that too if you don’t mind.

    Keep on keeping on
  6. Christelle's Avatar
    Celia, just keep doing the positive little thing you have started and before you know it, it will be second nature to you.
    You do not have to change the world in one go, just keep chipping away at it. It (and you) are worth it
  7. Gilli's Avatar
    Celia you are making some very important changes in your attitude to life, which is after all made up of lots of versions of the every day ordinary things all put together to make the whole. Your pleasurable anticipation of enjoying the sunshine and having a BBQ are lovely to behold.

    I find that eating the Harcombe way really is the gateway to enjoying all aspects of life more, whatever cards we have been dealt. I suspect you are finding something similar
  8. roseymary's Avatar
    Google the word diet in a dictionary and you should fine the definition " the way a person habitually eats" so if you think of the Harcombe way of eating as your life time "diet" it becomes much easier.
    And of course welcome back and keep blogging, it's a really powerful tool.
  9. Piper's Avatar
    I hear you about the positivity and energy levels rising. It's a great feeling isn't it? At 10 days in you are over the worst, and very well done on the 4lbs lost.

    I know just what you mean about the point of no return. I have just turned 51, and I have felt in the last couple of years that I'm still capable of most things, but if I don't get on with them now it'll be harder to start later. Applies to any age I guess.
  10. Gilli's Avatar
    Well done for losing 4lb since re-starting, and even more congratulations on beginning to feel better.

    You may have to stop thinking of THD as a "diet" you are on at the moment and re-frame it as the way you eat now. There is nothing to stop your husband continuing to mix his carbs and fats for meals you eat together but it will be easier for you if he supports your endeavours to keep them separate for yourself.

    The trip to Canada is a real incentive to improve your sense of well-being and ability to be active so keep posting and blogging and all the lovely people on the forum will cheer your progress along.
  11. roseymary's Avatar
    Christelle revel in the weight loss now you're expecting to be on that downward trend rather than being in " my happy place" it's all working for you. Very well done you've really done so well to get down from that plateau. Saying no to nuts is part of that fantastic journey.
  12. Gilli's Avatar
    Really happy for you Christelle, both on the weightloss and on the self-control.
  13. Lindam's Avatar
    Amazing achievement over the nuts Christelle - we'll done that woman!

    I think you are getting the weightloss you have worked so hard to achieve. That it doesn't always come when one thinks it should, is almost a norm of THD. Provided you feel well in yourself then enjoy the long awaited fruits of your labour.

    Really happy for you Christelle xx
  14. Piper's Avatar
    I wonder if your body is simply feeling safe letting go of more weight now that you are consistently eating well. I know I've read on here that even with plateaus and fluctuations, by sticking to p2 there will always be a downward trend. Somebody put a daily weigh graph up a couple of years ago - it showed up down up down, but at the wnd of each week there was always a total loss. I think daily weighing can distract from simply trusting the process. (I appreciate a lot of people feel happier doing this but i thinki would get stressed about the fluctuations)

    Sounds like you are slimming down nicely

    Very well done on leaving the nuts in the cupboard!
  15. Christelle's Avatar
    And this test is from the tablet at home to see if my comment cleared
  16. Christelle's Avatar
    And a test from my phone
  17. Christelle's Avatar
    I have just posted a comment and it was "counted".
    Checking on here again
  18. Gilli's Avatar
    Hi HealthyStart. Welcome back and well done for getting to Day 8, again.

    It is the Candida driving these cravings I expect. You are very wise to take no notice of the importuning voice in your head because you will feel so much better when it has been banished.
  19. Piper's Avatar
    Hello! Hang in there! You know it's worth it. Such freedom when the cravings stop
  20. Gilli's Avatar
    It sounds as though you are on the mend Christelle. Have a restful day.
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