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  1. Weston Price Conference March 21 2010 London by Zoe

    The key note speakers were Sally Fallon Morel - President of the Weston Price Foundation; Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride - author of "Gut and Psychology Syndrome" (a world expert on the digestive system); Dr Barry Groves - author of Trick and Treat and Sir Julian Rose - pioneering organic farmer.

    Having attended so many obesity conferences, where I am the only 'idiot' in the room, amongst hundreds of (overweight and obese) "Eatwell Plate Experts", this conference ...
  2. Minnesota Starvation Experiment by Zoe

    This is a blog about quite possibly the most important obesity experiment ever conducted. Please let me know if you come across a dietician who has ever heard of it, let alone studied it…

    America joined WWII in 1941 – by which time Europe was already experiencing rationing and food shortages. A couple of years later, an American doctor, Ancel Keys, realised that it would be crucial to know what would happen if the war did not end soon and rationing turned to starvation. He ...
  3. My Mistakes

    Well, I have certainly made my fair share of mistakes on THD and have failed to lose much weight because of them. Initially, I did phase 1 back in June last year and lost 6.5lbs, from there I went into phase 2 but didn't lose any more for a few weeks and so, I gave up... not entirely, I kept 'dipping in' to the diet, tried making up my own (sorry) lower fat version etc but to no avail. A couple more times I tried to get going but my weight just wasn't moving.

    I didn't fully understand ...
  4. Cheating!!!

    Here is a little Motivational quote I found that suited me really well!! "To be afraid of failure is to be afraid of success"

    cheating !! I just want to share my experience with others about cheating. I have been on the HD now for nearly 9 months now and although I have lost 5 stone I still have another 2 stone to lose , I am taking the scenic route!!

    I am not whiter than white and I have fallen by the wayside and fell off the wagon. I think one of the reasons ...
  5. Grilled Goats Cheese Salad

    I find this so yummy and really quick to make.

    Serves 2:
    2 small goats cheese rounds
    1 pepper
    1 red onion
    bag of rocket (or other lettuce)
    cherry tomatoes
    olive oil
    (balsamic vinegar)
    pine nuts

    Put a whole pepper in the oven (200 degrees). Chop some red onion and mix with plenty of olive oil in a deepish baking tray. Add to the oven after 10 minutes and cook onions and pepper for a further 10 minutes. (When you ...

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