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  1. Day 8 Again

    I am so pleased that I keep a blog as it has just helped remind me how I feel at this stage. Looking back to 2016's Day 8 I was dreaming about food and battling cravings and that's exactly what's happening now. Before I looked at the old blog entries I though that I would be feeling a bit better by now so it's reassuring to know that this is normal for me.

    My cravings would like nothing more than for me to buy a bag of double choc cookies from Sainsbury's but I'm glad to say that ...
    Tags: cravings, sugar
  2. The heeby-jeeby shakes... and sugar cravings.

    So I haven't even technically started Phase 1 yet cos' it's my bf's birthday tomorrow and I want to have a clean start on Wednesday. But I have cut out sugar and processed white foods like bread, rice, and pasta from my diet the past week. I cheated last night with a slice of pizza from Papa John's cos' it was there and it smelled so delicious. I was literally crying watching the bf eat.

    Cut to this morning. I woke up burning. I was cold, shivering, and yet I could feel ...
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