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  1. Coconut milk yogurt

    Quote Originally Posted by celiaj View Post
    Is coconut milk yogurt a suitable replacement for NLY?
    I have seen some advertised as ‘ bio’ yogurts?
  2. Christelle's trials and tribulations

    I woke up this morning feeling cross. Cross with myself for allowing other people to have so much control over me. They can only have this control over me if I allow it. It stops here. And the worst is, I am allowing these people control over me and my life and I do not even know them. Time to put it behind me and stop wallowing in self pity. It happened, no one got hurt (thank goodness for that), time to build a bridge and get over it.

    I am pledging myself to real food today. Today, ...
  3. June 19th

    I didn't have to be in work as early today as I was on a training course. It was one of these role play type courses that seemed to go on forever.

    Anyway as I had a later start I opted for a cheese omelette for breakfast - it made a lovely change on a work day. For lunch I reverted to type and had prawns, cherry tomatoes, 40g cheese and NLY and for dinner it was belly pork, buttered veg and raspberries and cream.

    I've had 3 really good days food-wise although I ...
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