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    The club has three membership levels and you can sign up here.

    1) Forum Member. From a little more than £1 per month you can participate as often as you like in the lively club forum, get support from other club members and share your experiences and learnings with other members. You’ll no doubt come in asking ‘daft’ questions, but we don’t consider any question daft – many other members will dive in to help you within minutes (sometimes seconds!) Within weeks, if not days, you will be an expert helping others and this will feel so good!

    2) Club Member. From less than £1 per week, this is the most popular and best value club membership option. For barely the price of a cucumber, this will give you: full forum access; access to all the articles, videos, and the growing library of FAQ’s; and access to all back issues of our magazine “Diet & Health Today”. In this we cover the ‘big issues’ from “Why don’t I lose weight if I eat less?”; “Where do the calories go?!”; “Where does exercise fit in with weight loss?”; “Why have I got fat around my middle especially?”
    Club Membership also gets you access to a private 'Ask Zoe' forum, where you can get your more challenging questions answered by Zoe, herself.
    As soon as you join at this level (and you can unsubscribe at any time) you have immediate access to all back issues of the magazine, weekly diet tips and the full information ‘library’. This membership provides excellent value for money and is our most popular membership plan.

    3) Plus membership will give you everything that Club Membership offers – all the FAQ’s, videos, articles, magazine back issues, 'Ask Zoe' private forum, unmoderated forum access. PLUS – Plus members can have their own personal blog running and a personal photo album. You can customise your blog and many members are having great fun putting their experiences and opinions on line for others to see and to keep an online diary of their own progress. As the club is openly available for viewing, you can send friends and family the link to your blog so that they can follow you without needing to be members.

    There are a number of ‘super members’ in the club who are also on hand to answer your queries – we will be helping you together!
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    If you're new to this site, please read this post first. It explains how the site is organised and how to gain access to participate. ...
    Published on 18th July 2016 05:16 PM
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    Are we wrong to focus on sugar to try to tackle obesity?

    This week’s story didn’t make a big impact. I spotted it on a left hand side page (p22) in one of the Saturday newspapers, occupying just a few column inches with no picture. The BBC covered the story a couple of days earlier. The headline of the story was a caution not to focus on sugar as a cause of obesity, because calories and fat mattered more.

    Published on 11th July 2016 05:02 PM
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    2. Newsletter-Bad Science

    Can pasta help you to lose weight?

    On Monday 4th July, a somewhat implausible headline was gracing world newspapers. From the US to the UK , the claim was “Eating pasta can help you to lose weight” – according to an Italian study.

    Can this really be the case? Let’s take a look:

    Published on 4th July 2016 05:30 PM
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    Should dietary fat guidelines have been introduced?

    In September 2012 I started a PhD to study the evidence base for dietary fat guidelines. There are two specific guidelines: i) consume no more than 30% of calorie intake in the form of total fat and ii) consume no more than 10% of calorie intake in the form of saturated fat. These two guidelines were introduced in 1977 in the US and 1983 in the UK and have not been retracted since.


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    Glad to hear ... don't forget the impact of all...

    Glad to hear ... don't forget the impact of all that real food too :)

    Howie Today, 05:56 PM Go to last post

    July Day 28 B: 40g Flahavans Irish Porridge...

    July Day 28

    B: 40g Flahavans Irish Porridge Oats, water, salt
    L: Wiltshire cured ham, salad
    D: Chilli con carne

    Howie Today, 05:56 PM Go to last post

    Good deduction! :)

    Good deduction! :)

    Mat Today, 05:30 PM Go to last post

    Whenever I've put my food into nutritiondata...I...

    Whenever I've put my food into nutritiondata...I always come up as having massive amounts of omega 6 compared to omega 3...and I don't know what foods I eat that are so high in omega 6. It's quite...

    grumbleweed Today, 05:13 PM Go to last post
    Hoffi coffi

    Yep I know manulike lives in Cardiff too. Do you...

    Yep I know manulike lives in Cardiff too. Do you know Cardiff well then?

    Hoffi coffi Today, 05:04 PM Go to last post
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    Tummy not quite right...

    So s/s for a third day, and have a bit of a loose tummy (sorry for TMI but hey we're all friends here....). not sure why - i'm having slightly more fruit than usual, but only a few berries either in...

    Today 12:37 PM

    Starting Phase 1 today

    I am starting phase 1 today. I originally joined the forum in 2010 and successfully lost weight and loved the plan. I lost my parents both suddenly and then I broke my ankle and went off the boil...

    Yesterday 03:39 PM

    July 28th 2016 Blitz day 25

    I've been doing something today I haven't done in ages - grazing. I shopped today for guests coming on Saturday and purchased sultanas for stuffed apples. These are something I can't have in the...

    Yesterday 11:51 AM

    Stayed same today...

    Probably because i have decided that drinking prosecco on a school night is a good idea.... :p Need to pack that in, clearly! Food (for those who don't know i am posting my menus in the blog...

    Yesterday 09:40 AM

    July 27th 2016 Blitz day 24

    Today was a planned P3 day as dineout with the girls from my club at my favourite restaurant. It was great to have something to look forward to after a very windy, wet and cold day. B - muesli...

    27th July 2016 12:47 PM