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    Welcome to The Harcombe Diet Club! We have set this up for friends and fans of The Harcombe Diet and for people interested in finding out more about the diet, who hopefully will become friends and fans.

    The Harcombe Diet is a different approach to weight loss, encouraging you to eat naturally and move naturally. Overweight is about fat stored and losing weight is about encouraging the body to release stored fat. In no way is the body as simplistic as energy in = energy out – and, therefore, we do not need to put less energy in and/or try to get more energy out. We need to eat better, not to eat less.

    The club has been set up at four different levels:

    1) Forum Member. For as little as £1 per month you can participate as often as you like in the lively club forum, get support from other club members and share your experiences and learnings with other members. You’ll no doubt come in asking ‘daft’ questions, but we don’t consider any question daft – many other members will dive in to help you within minutes (sometimes seconds!) Within weeks, if not days, you will be an expert helping others and this will feel so good!

    2) Club Member. At just £1 per week (less if an annual subscription is purchased), this is the best value diet club membership we have ever seen. For barely the price of a cucumber, this will give you: full forum access; access to all the articles, videos, and the growing library of FAQ’s; and access to all back issues of our magazine “Diet & Health Today”. In this we cover the ‘big issues’ from “Why don’t I lose weight if I eat less?”; “Where do the calories go?!”; “Where does exercise fit in with weight loss?”; “Why have I got fat around my middle especially?”
    Club Membership also gets you access to a private 'Ask Zoe' forum, where you can get your more challenging questions answered by Zoe, herself.
    As soon as you join at this level (and you can unsubscribe at any time) you have immediate access to all back issues of the magazine, weekly diet tips and the full information ‘library’. This membership provides excellent value for money and is typically 1/4 of the price of the cheapest alternative online diet club.

    3) Plus membership will give you everything that Club Membership offers – all the FAQ’s, videos, articles, magazine back issues, 'Ask Zoe' private forum, unmoderated forum access. PLUS – Plus members can have their own personal blog running and a personal photo album. You can customise your blog and many members are having great fun putting their experiences and opinions on line for others to see and to keep an online diary of their own progress. As the club is openly available for viewing, you can send friends and family the link to your blog so that they can follow you without needing to be members.

    There are a number of ‘super members’ in the club who are also on hand to answer your queries – we will be helping you together!
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    Registration with The Harcombe Diet Club gets you a 10 day diet plan, a club guide, a sample club magazine, Diet & Health Today and some blog posts.

    Forum membership gives you immediate access ...
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    If you're new to this site, please read this post first. It explains how the site is organised and how to gain access to participate.

    The Harcombe Diet Club has three main areas:
    1. A forum where ...
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    Q) I have done a lot of research into your diet, which sounds amazing. I hate meal replacement diets and don’t believe in them long term, and like healthy ...

    If you're struggling with any diet, here's a short motivation video by Zoe to get you on-track.


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    Happy birthday - hope you've been having a wonderful day. ;)

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    Softly softly SJC! :) Great results.

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