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    If you're new to this site, please read this post first. It explains how the site is organised and how to gain access to participate.

    The Harcombe Diet Club has three main areas:
    1. A forum where registered users can share experiences and learnings with other users
    2. Members' Area, containing hundreds of articles, FAQ's, early release video and audio clips and the 'Ask Zoe' forum.
    3. MyLocker - our nutritional analysis and food database.

    Anyone can view the open forums although you will need to join as a member to participate, which you can do here. We have a nominal subscription fee for the forums to discourage spammers and trolls and we pride ourselves on the friendly an non-threatening nature of the debates and support in the club

    Some Blogs, News, Tips and Articles are also posted to the free area of the website. You can view these via the home page of the site (click on 'Home' at the top left of this page).

    We encourage open debate on weight loss topics but request that no hate messages nor adverts are posted. Any such messages will be removed and future access will be blocked.

    We hope you enjoy the club and wish you every success with your weight-loss and health goals.
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    I think we are getting a bit better with food...

    I think we are getting a bit better with food waste..that's coming from the perspective of seeing so many supermarkets donating excess as opposed to filling huge dumpsters with it. But food waste in...

    grumbleweed Today, 04:07 PM Go to last post

    TBH, I am rapidly comingto the conclusion that...

    TBH, I am rapidly comingto the conclusion that before we take any radical steps with diet and food production etc, we should tackle the colossal and frankly obscene amounts we waste. However, I...

    Sarah(sjc) Today, 03:05 PM Go to last post

    Go Vegan Because

    ...of mass exploitation of animals, not because eating them is wrong.
    Interesting...and thought provoking...article in The Conversation.
    I think most people may reduce consumption on that...

    grumbleweed Today, 01:38 PM Go to last post

    My grandma always put bicarb in the cooking...

    My grandma always put bicarb in the cooking water, but it destroys vitamin C, so granny wasn't always right!

    I don't remember using salted water to get rid of caterpillars etc but I do remember...

    Sarah(sjc) Today, 10:53 AM Go to last post

    I cook my 'greens' the same way as your Granny,...

    I cook my 'greens' the same way as your Granny, so did my mother and grandmother. On the other hand my MIL cooked the life out of brussel sprouts and there was thankfully never any cabbage or...

    ChristineJ Today, 08:51 AM Go to last post
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