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Missing in Action

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To my shame I have been absent from the forum for way too long

I have been so busy with so many other things over the past couple of months and although I have been keeping principles in mind and not straying too far from the path I have had some bad days and have no been as good as I could have been.

We have had rather a lot of social events to attend and those have meant eating whatever was on offer given that such events are fundraisers and alternative menus often not possible. We have tried to stick as far as possible at home to the THD way and had reasonable success. I guess the main thing for me is that, although I have been eating what is available a lot and had way too many alcoholic drinks and the like, I actually haven't put any weight back on! I thought this strange, but even more so the past 2 or 3 weeks. This is mainly because I seem to have picked up some sort of virus. My voice disappeared suddenly and took nearly a week to return in some fashion, but has not fully recovered as yet. This was quickly followed by feeling like I had been run over by a truck and having no energy. I have had Lemsip with honey to try to get rid of the pain in my throat a few times, so was fully expecting the lack of discipline to have seriously affected weight as well.

Very late nights, really early starts, horrendous train journeys to Manchester and back, coupled with food on the run, no way of planning stuff because of last minute plan changes have all taken their toll. I still feel pretty awful and my voice is still extremely hoarse, but I am slowly recovering.

I wish I hadn't lost contact with the forum because it did tend to keep me on the straight and narrow much more, so I am hoping to get back to looking in daily and seeing how everyone else is doing.

We are very much back to THD as of yesterday. Who knows, eating properly might help fight off this virus. We are also starting a hill walking club through people we met over the past few months, so I am hoping to improve my fitness as well

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  1. Peapod's Avatar
    Welcome back, Kira! We'll always be here for you. Hope you feel better soon xx
  2. Sarah(sjc)'s Avatar
    Welcome back, don't feel bad - this forum can be addictive and time-consuming (in the nicest way)!
  3. Kira2767's Avatar
    Thanks guys I always know you are all here, but I just felt I was neglecting others. Will do my best to be around more
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