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Learning to Listen to my body

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I don't blog often, but felt this didn't really merit a thread on the forum because it isn't a question or even probably of much interest to anyone else.

Over the past few months I have been doing so many different things and a lot of the time this has meant not being able to eat as I would prefer to. There have been occasions of eating in restaurants, cafes, social gatherings etc and having "options" hasn't been an option! However, instead of simply seeing the negative of all this lack of control, I decided to use the occasions to learn more about myself.

The first thing I have learned is that alcohol and me don't agree very much at all. Wine makes me sneeze and blocks my nose for days. I lose my sense of smell and it does give me the munchies, which is extremely unwelcome. Apart from these very mild effects, it also makes me a horrendously nasty person if I have too much! That is a serious side effect and one I am now very conscious of. So, that lesson is learned and I now stick to sensible amounts of one or at most 2 glasses.

Next is wheat/ bread/ pasta etc. Over the weekend we became a captive audience at a conference in Aberdeen. Hotel next door, and then our hotel were the only real alternatives to the disgusting smelling food available within the conference itself (we chose not to attend any of the side conferences with lunches because we could see what they were serving and this was no improvement). Choices therefore were very very limited and mostly consisted of sandwiches, baguettes, fish and chips or ice cream - oh or the crap you get at Costa! The constant smell of overused cooking oils was particularly vile and left me feeling quite unwell at times. However, we did manage to have a decent enough chicken and bacon salad at one place we went to in town on Friday night.

The problem came on Saturday when we couldn't go anywhere else due to times between sections, so it was either eat in the hall, the hotel next door or MacDonald's!! The food in the hall was making me feel sick just as the smell, the hotel next door couldn't fit us in on time so guess where we ended up?!? I thought I had nothing better to do than order a salad... none in stock!! Next least offensive thing seemed to be a plain chicken and salad wrap, so I got this. Imagine my horror in the afternoon therefore when my stomach decided to protest! The pain was excruciating... trapped wind (thankfully not escaping during the First Minister's speech) was gripping my stomach like nothing before. If I had been in labour with my first child the pain could not have been worse! Who would ever have thought that one tiny bit of unleavened bread could do so much damage?

Result? No more wheat for me!

I would also love to take the opportunity to agree with one of the articles in Diet and Health Today which talks about hotel breakfasts... our only hot options were sausage, scrambled egg and baked beans. The sausages were cheap, looked like they had been cooked the night before and really were dreadful to taste. The eggs were like rubber and completely unseasoned which is vile and no matter how much salt or pepper you choose to add, never changes that. Apart from which, the salt is cheap table salt best used to clear ice from paths in winter! Our only other option therefore was fruit, so I had banana and apple because the rest was tinned grapefruit and mandarins!! Why do hotels not do more with breakfasts?? The learning I got from this is that fruit really doesn't keep me full (hence the need for lunch on Saturday or else I would simply have waited till my evening meal).

I have also discovered that carb meals really don't keep me full or really agree with me. The options in the Holiday Inn really are a bit rubbish so I had 5 bean chilli (I swear there were only 5 beans in the whole plate!), with rice. Again this disagreed with my gut and by next morning the whole weekend had the unfortunate result of meaning I had to head home really constipated and uncomfortable. I also had the added awful experience of bleeding mid-cycle again which I only get these days when I don't stick to plan which lasted 2 days.

All-in-all it has been a very interesting learning curve, most of which I discovered within the last week, but over time I really am learning to listen to what my body says about the fuel I give it.

The moral of the story I think is that food really is our medicine and medicine really ought to be our food!

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  1. roseymary's Avatar
    Wow a nasty way to learn but a powerful learning. Well done for trying to stick to plan. BTW I sometimes have the Maccas chicken wrap and don't eat the wrap - just us it as a holder.
  2. Kira2767's Avatar
    Thanks Rosey. I ate the whole thing at the time because I was so hungry after getting nothing but fruit for breakfast. Trust me, hell will freeze over before I set foot inside a MacD's again. The interesting thing I found was that, in the past the smell of the deep fried food in the main food area of the conference centre would have been welcoming... now I find it utterly repulsive. I spent the weekend feeling quite unwell simply from the smell which permeated through the entire centre. The hot (probably overused) oil was quite pungent and actually did smell rancid to me.
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