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Fixing My Leaky Gut - Supplements

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The last two days I have introduced and increased some supplements. For a few days I've been taking one capsule of BioKult probiotics and they seem to agree with me so this morning I took two. I've started taking Zinc supplements as they are supposed to help with leaky gut and I've also been taking garlic capsules to help kill off any candida/bugs that might be in my system.

It seems that I need some soluble fibre to keep my system happy and luckily I had some oat bran in the cupboard so I have been having that and it seems to reduce the excessive gassy gurgling that's been plaguing me. It's a better alternative to the wheatabix that had too much sugar and, obviously, wheat.

The past two days have looked like this:

Glass of Water
B: Chicken & Carrot (1 x Probiotic)
S: 100% chocolate buttons
L: Steak, carrot & spinach (1 x Zinc, 1 x Garlic)
S: 100% chocolate buttons, 1 glass of diluted Almond Milk
D: Duck & Ginger broth including 1/2 teaspoon of Arrowroot followed by Salmon, carrot & beetroot
S: Small bowl of Oatbran porridge (made with water) to test how my stomach would react

Glass of Water
B: Oatbran porridge (2 x Probiotic)
Glass of Cinnamon Tea (cold)
L: Steak, spinach, courgette (1 x Zinc, 2 x Garlic), 100% chocolate buttons
Mid afternoon: Glass of diluted almond milk
(10 minutes of sunshine for Vit D)
D: Beef Shin with carrots, 100% chocolate buttons

I feel as though I'm having a much more varied diet now and it may seem strange to say but I'm pleased that I've gained a few pounds. I was starting to look a bit too scrawny so I now feel that I am at my natural weight.

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  1. Sallywags's Avatar
    Sounds like you are making good progress - i was advised to take L-Glutamine, apparently it's great for the gut.x
  2. HealthyStart's Avatar
    Oh yes, I'd forgotten about that. I've got a tub in the cupboard. I'll have to add that in too.
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