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1st day phase 1

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I have 3 stone to lose and after trying so many diets my sister gave me the Harcombe diet book. Last week I practically read it from cover to cover and now I feel I am ready to start my journey into a diet that contradicts every type of diet I have done and failed at previously.
I must admit I am nervous about starting but last week I gave up the caffeine and alcohol so hopefully I won't have too many side effects as I am a florist / owner of a busy shop in Oxfordshire with lots of weddings so I do need to be o the ball!!!😀😀
My meals for today are
B 2 boiled eggs
L a prawn salad
D roast chicken with 50 grams brown rice, green beans, spinach, carrots and sprouting broccoli
I love natural yoghurt so plenty of live natural yoghurt on hand for those moments which I know I'm going to have because at the moment my mind seems to be focused on food and what I'm going to have next!! 😣 how long does it take just to accept the diet and live normally without the constant thought of what am I going to have next 😀 ??

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  1. aliboss1's Avatar
    Thank you I must admit I was starving by lunch time so I think I will have bacon and eggs tomorrow ����
  2. Jaki's Avatar
    I found that I soon got used to this way of eating. Being able to enjoy the foods that have been previously considered bad was very liberating!
    Having already given up the caffeine and alcohol should lessen the side effects for you.
    I'm still early days with THD - about 10 weeks - but am losing well, and am not hungry in between meals. If you do get hungry, just have larger portions at meal times
    Good luck - I'm sure you will do well
  3. roseymary's Avatar
    Welcome to your new way of life. Once you're used to how to eat it will become second nature and you'll lose weight effortlessly as you wont be hungry.
    And keep posting its your best help.
  4. aliboss1's Avatar
    Thank you everyone for your help�� Looking forward to day 2, slept a lot better last night than I usually do and I must admit though I did feel hungry a lot through out the day so I think larger meals is the way forward ��������
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