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Day 2 phase 1

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Yesterday I did feel quite hungry throughout the day but I'm trying to keep to the three meals but either I do need a couple of snacks or larger meals
I did sleep a lot better last night than I have for a long time.
I think it's due to giving up the alcohol as before I started the Harcombe Dieti could quiet easily after work and during the night while watching tv drink nearly a bottle of red wine to my self , surprisingly I haven't craved alcohol too much only on the odd occasion as I started to give it up a week before I started the diet to give myself s head start
Today's meals are
Breakfast scrambled eggs with bacon
Lunch chicken salad large !!
Dinner Roast pork, cauliflower mash, roast parsnips, broccoli and carrots

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  1. Christelle's Avatar
    Well done on surviving day 1.
    I am glad to see your meals are a bit bigger than yesterday.
    Hopefully you will not be constantly hungry today
  2. roseymary's Avatar
    If you can eat larger meals as ideally you should be able to go from one meal to the next without getting very hungry in between.

    Don't be afraid of fatty cuts of neat, having olive oil in your salad dressing and cooking with fat in general. Fat keeps you full for longer.
  3. Jaki's Avatar
    Well done
    It can be odd for larger portions after so many diets restrict portion size, but have large portions so you don't need to snack and the weight will come off
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