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Quick hello and an update

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Well life is slightly over insane at the moment - all in a good way but it's pretty relentless at the mo. I'm very happy to have launched my new beauty clinic, but am flat out trying to get rid of the builders and get clients in! As a result for quite a while i allowed myself to eat junk and was almost on the way back up to the weight i was last year. I've not been able to get back down, and was using this as an excuse to not look after myself. With all the stress you would expect that i would lose weight but sadly not!

However, as i was struggling so much still i knew there was more pieces to my jigsaw, so read The guide to fasting by Jason Fung, and it feels like the missing piece. I am doing a variety of fasting, and it is making me eat better when i do eat - i dont want to waste the effort i am making by fasting! However i'm not stressing about what i am eating - i.e. i am less concerned about mixing, and even though i'm less than 2 weeks in, it feels good and like i am slowly losing. I am only weighing after a full eating day so i don't get misled by the low numbers after a fast day!

I know that fasting isn't strictly harcombe, however i know that zoe does talk about the value of insulin response, and that you have to give your body no excuse not to burn fat - this is what i feel i am doing. i am also pretty convinced of the health benefits.

I was slightly worried i might get a 'kick' out of the longer fasts, as there was a glimmer of time in my past where i bordered on eating disorder, but this feels so controlled and natural to do (never thought i would say that), that i'm not concerned now.

I just wanted to pop my head over the parapet, and say hi, and sorry that i have zero time to come in these days. i do miss you all! i will keep you posted on my progress. (i am getting fewer symptoms if i eat foods that i previously struggled with too - interesting side effect. not been brave enough to try eggs yet though!)

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  1. roseymary's Avatar
    Good luck with the fasting. More and more members are trying intermittent fasting and ZoŽ does encourage us to have as long a gap as possible overnight for a mini fast.
  2. Sallywags's Avatar
    Yes so it's not an unusual thing to do. I'm quite enjoying it - and not eating is easier than stressing about eating the wrong thing!
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