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Phase 2 Week 23

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Down 0.1kg yesterday which I'm pleased with as have definitely got water retention from the heat! Swollen legs and feet - just soooo attractive - NOT!
Have had great weekend visiting family for mum's birthday. Lots of lovely food - managed to do quite a lot of THD friendly stuff. Made some cauliflower couscous from Tom Kerridge Dopamine Diet book - it was really yummy. Also made some coronation chicken using shop bought mayonnaise, but the sugar/carb content was much lower than the the Hellmans stuff. Also made the THDRB chocolate mousse - so rich and delicious. Did a pork satay - so P3 as it had peanuts in it, but very tasty, and not a bad choice.
Enjoying the sunshine and a relaxing day today.

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  1. roseymary's Avatar
    If you can put a pillow under your legs when you go to bed. It does help even if you can't manage the whole night.
  2. roseymary's Avatar
    Absolutely agree about the Cous cous - way better than it's carb counterpart.
  3. Jaki's Avatar
    Great tip about the pillow - I will definitely give that a go.
    I preferred the cauli couscous too. I had been a bit sceptical but it was great. TK does a cauli mash for shepherds pie which is also great
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